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  1. Its great news to hear that it was all fixed up!! Of course it is unfortunate that the fix doesn't apply to affected saves, but its understandable. Thanks for all the hard work - keep it up :D
  2. Hey SChin, Appreciate the response! Here are a few files. Beast of Winter Complete: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vsb4lgrriap9egv/Molfanix%20%28DeadfireArchipelago%29%20%2812b6cc4c-f3c5-405f-96d2-aec018783a00%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20%28790623376%29.savegame?dl=0 Beast of Winter Unplayable (Appears Complete) https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe8ouoz22188sbt/Sindael%20%28939b5e8d-6adb-42c8-a876-bc5051bb3c04%29%20%28LAX-12ABCDEF%29%20predlcsave.savegame?dl=0 The following save has not been opened up since way before Beast of Winter was released (its from 5/23/18) but was presen
  3. So, I beat the Beast of Winter on one of my end-game saves. Then I loaded up a level 6ish party in PotD (different difficulty level as well). I noticed that all of the quests for the DLC were still listed in my Journal. The quests I had completed in my end-game save were greyed out and said completed, while one that I never finished on my end-game save still had the last objective listed as my next objective. I got up to a higher level yesterday and decided to try a run at it. When I got to the location, the dialog seems to work properly - but only to a point. The initial camera
  4. Personally, I have noticed a number of different items are doing that exact thing for me right now. Is it something like this? If this is the same, it may be a bug. This thread might need to move over to that forum.
  5. I still don't really know what happened here. Everything just...died. Fighting away and next thing you know you're in a red mist that was your enemies. Pretty sure we didn't kill them xD
  6. I am unsure if it is the pull effect from Attractive Force, or if this part of this map is just buggy. Here are 2 videos. First illustrates the bug in the title of this post. Second illustrates that it may just be related to this particular level's design. https://youtu.be/BSjtfs3Afe8 https://youtu.be/lgWyDs2YziM
  7. I have not been able to find any plausible reason for why this happened - so I am going to go ahead and assume that a bug occurred. I suppose the encounter ended after I fell to the ground, but before the 'Your party has died' screen popped up. Game didn't know what to do. DEALER DOESN'T WIN THIS TIME!!!!!!! See the link below for a video. Time stamp for the action is 0:50 https://youtu.be/-Zt_1IvCKTo
  8. I was clearing named captains from my map - Myrlefsen (more accurately, The Ironclad) is stuck. Please see the video for a detailed view of the problem. Warning: The video below contains spoilers pertaining to the map and fog of war. https://youtu.be/ceygGB62Ajs I do not believe that this is his normal location, either. [ Unrelated to Bug Report: I know he is marked as 'Unaffiliated' - I took some creative license in my video description..... but it does stand to reason that a low ranking pirate would seek to live under the Principi ]
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