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  1. Thank you, did both of the things you suggested. The recovery number of one handed weapons isn't being effected while two handed weapons are and the weapon descriptions stay the same after changing the OverrideDescriptionString. Something else is wrong with the mod. Edit: Sort of managed to get it working, although I had to change things directly rather than using the override folder. If I had to guess something is wrong with the {} and () in my mod.
  2. So I really like the look of the helm of the falcon and it fits my character's portrait, but it's recovery time bonus only effects 2 handed weapons which my character does not use. So I tried to change it by swapping the falcon helm's recovery time effect with the blade of the endless path's recovery time effect. However when I used the mod and examined the item the effect didn't show up in the description. Then I tried altering the raptors grip effect (the recovery time effect for the helm) by changing the source which originally said "two handed weapon" to "weapon". The in-game description has still not changed however. How can I check if the mod is working? Is my mod not working or is there just something else I need to change to alter the description? Second attempt is attached below. Though I have used notepad++ to edit files before this is much more complicated so I could be making a very stupid mistake. Edit: For some reason the file I attached isn't here, probably because this is my first post here and it needed to be approved. Didn't see any rules against linking to sites like this, so here's another link. https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/759150/helm.gamedatabundle
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