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  1. I have some photos of my godson, and I'm trying to put them in chronological order without having an incredibly tedious conversation. It occurred to me that it would be far more interesting to use a bit of software to look at the metadata on the photos. Does anyone know what I should use, and what to look for?
  2. Ze devs. Zey no come in here, see? http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80279-fallout-nv-pc-mod-request/
  3. I'm one of these people, and I'm quite a psychopath. However, I enjoy it so much because of my artistic imagination ( I interpret all pictures as art... ). Here's some selfies of mine. Bare in mind I don't love myself to the degree where I'm showing off, but as an example here's three pictures and the references. Me referring to "L" from Death Note™ Me referring to Squall from FFVIII™ Me referring to Lucifer the Light Bringer from Christianity™ It takes me about 400 or so pictures to get a good one, my left face doesn't come out well on camera hence why all are from the right perspective - truly un-photogenic. Also, been to the dentist, mouth is numb and had fillings. Have to return next week for the whitening ! Wasn't it general Mark W. Clark who had his staff prevent the press photographing his left side? Of course, he was mental.
  4. it certainly is heavilly focused on action (at least the trailers are), but i hope there will be some roleplay elements in it. so far it looks more like RAGE +dog than Fallout Yeah I expected it to be actiony, but they still dont get the humor at all. Nuke launcher, Teddy bear launcher all that **** again. They will never learn Written requirements, man. I'd bet £200 on finding the words "quirky humor" in the top level design document for this game.
  5. What in the name of Deathclaws' beady little eyes are you talking about?
  6. Beef brisket. It didn't work out so good. I think I failed to cook it right. Too tough. Asparagus. No wine, but a shot of gin afterwards, to cut through the fatty aftertaste. Not my best effort.
  7. Query, Zor: why did Snowden have to hand over everything he took? What did all the technical detail add to the debate, exactly?
  8. I'm just getting a massive kick out of Sharp_one calling me a leftist.
  9. Wow. Firstly any post (the OP) that long and that rambling, which doesn't show the courtesy to start with an executive summary, is clearly bollocks. I'm not going to waste any time reading it in detail. Secondly, that is some sparkling zesty racism, right there, 'sharp_one'. I have to ask: does it make you feel all snugly?
  10. This is why we get amused over here when you yankees complain about 'gas' prices.
  11. Er... making a judgement based solely on race? I don't NEED to call you racist.
  12. You mean the same way Putin would never invade Ukraine, or the same way Assad didn't have WMD?
  13. Disney spends vast sums managing its image. You take your kids to Disney movies because they are Disney movies, not just talking teapot movies. Getting angry about their treatment of employees isn't 'anti-capitalism'. It _is_ capitalism. Let the gloss fall off the brand, let them know. They will fire the **** out of the manager who ordered this.
  14. It's perfectly true that a discussion is warranted about GCHQ et al. But note how merely mentioning them has derailed any debate about what the Russians are doing? All these electronic posts, this trolling, is directly covering for live rounds arcing over the East of Ukraine as we speak. Those live rounds may presage similar action against a NATO member state nearer home. Which means my country would be legally obliged to go to war. My friends would be packed up in crap-smelling lorries and bussed out to die. So I think you'll understand now why I think the Russian thing is more pertinent.
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