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  1. I'm currently playing on Hard Ironman difficulty, and I was down in tunnels of Od Nua slaying some beasties. Level 8, to be exact. After a tough fight against an innocent researcher who has just been relaxing in his chair for thousands of years, I looked down and noticed that my wizard Aloth was maimed and had only one hp left. I try to play strategically and carefully, so upon realizing that I was all out of camping supplies I headed back up to the top level to heal up and resupply. Out a the blue jumped a bunch of assassins. They didn't want to listen to my superior reasoning. No problem. My party was a bit battered, but I had a bunch of summons and spells left to use. Anyways, by now my main character fighter can tank two adra dragons using only a pot lid and a spoon, so no biggie. I rush my main character in, pull Aloth back to safety, and have the rest of my party healing, dpsing, or summoning. A single stray arrow heads towards Aloth. I pause. I look at it. I unpause. An arrow shatters Aloth's pretty androgynous face and stills his filthy lips forever. I'll miss you Aloth. Your unlimited Chill Fogs and Fan of Flames will be sorely missed. Hiravias is going to try to take your place as spell AoE damage dealer, but is it little comfort. I suspect my battles will take significantly longer now without you to blast my enemies away. Does anyone else have any stories to share of fallen companions?
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