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  1. I hated the ending of Season 1. So I did not watch Season 2. Season 3 seems to have upped its production budget. Seems like the show has turned into about poor android slaves working with underclass humans to revolt against the rich, evil human top-percenters. (Class warfare and economic inequality have become the popular theme in movies and TV all over the world in the past year, as over a dozen major movies like Parasite, Joker, Knives Out, etc., etc., in 2019 have shown.)
  2. ↑ ↑ ↑ DESTROYED by FACTS and LOGIC. P.S. a "Sino-bot" who knows US history better than you do.
  3. Your timelines were off; more likely, you just made up BS as you went along -- like most conservatives I know do. Here are some historical FACTS and timeline LOGIC: FDR was elected AFTER the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. In 1929, the Republican Herbert Hoover was the President (1929-1933). Hoover was a businessman-turned-President, the only one before Donald Trump. Before Hoover, Calvin Coolidge had been the President, also a Republican (1923-1929). Before Coolidge, Warren Harding had been the President, yet another Republican (1921-1923). (Just so you can't pin the blame of the crash and depression on a Democrat President; BTW, nowadays all three of Harding, Coolidge and Hoover are generally considered as among the worst presidents in US history, as their successive conservative policies ultimately led to the Great Depression.) FDR became the President in 1933, four years after 1929 and the Great Depression had started after a decade of Republican policies. Before FDR, Republicans had been one President after another and in power for over a decade. So I assured you conservative had plenty of "political cloud". (In contrast to his three Republican predecessors: nowadays FDR is generally considered as among the best presidents in US history.) The US entered World War II in December 1941, which was FDR's third term -- so he was already a very popular president. He was the first President to win a third term, (other previous Presidents had tried to win a third term, and failed.) Woodrow Wilson was the Democratic President in 1913 to 1921 -- and a leader and pioneer of the progressive movement. He is called the "Godfather of Liberalism". Wilson was before FRD, Hoover, Coolidge and Harding. So, long before FDR, the Democratic Party was already the progressive party (NOT a "right wing party" as you claimed.) So, saying that FDR "hijacked" a "right-wing party" and turned it into a progressive party was a LIE.
  4. FDR. President. Progressive. Democratic Socialist. Most beloved and popular president in US history. Won four terms, unprecedented, has never been and will never be repeated. Effectively President-for-life until he died in office. Even if you want to dispute his "New Deals" accomplishments for saving America from the Great Depression, (which conservatives and libertarians love to dismiss by making wild and unproven assumptions like "the Great Depression would have ended sooner if not for his New Deals,") you cannot deny that his socialist policies paved the way for the "Golden Age" of America and ushered in half a century of unprecedented growth and prosperity in America.
  5. Michael Bloomberg is not just a Republican, (who has only recently changed his party affiliation in October 2018 to run in the Democratic primary, and at the time he was still donating money to Republicans to defeat Democrats in the mid-term elections.) He is the archetypal NEOCONSERVATIVE. After Trump had taken over the Republican party, neocons like Bloomberg and John Bolton have been forced to either bend their knees to Trump -- or out of the Republican party. So neocons are looking for a new home. Bloomberg is making a leveraged buyout and hostile takeover of the Democratic Party, to turn it into the new home for neocon refugees. If Bloomberg successfully wins the nomination, he will take over the Democratic Party. Then, America will end up with a two-party system in which BOTH parties will be conservative: a Trump party, and a neocon party. It will be the end of liberal and progressive politics in America. I would say the priority right now should be to defeat the neocon Republican who is trying to take over the Democratic Party rather than to defeat Trump.
  6. Here is how I think the whole Democratic primary will play out: After Super Tuesday, Bernie will NOT be able to win the decisive majority of delegates, (i.e., 2,376 of all 4,750 delegates.) So the final decision go to the DNC and super-delegates. However, the DNC and superdelegates will want to stay out of it -- because they know Bernie supporters will refuse to accept their decision. So, the DNC and superdelegates will NOT step in. Instead, they will instruct the candidates to work out a deal among themselves. As a general rule: when a dropped-out candidate endorsed another candidate, all the delegates he won would transfer to that other candidate. That means, at current count, Bernie has won 21 delegates from Iowa and New Hampshire. On the other hand, Michael Bloomberg already got 43 delegates from Iowa and New Hampshire -- which he will eventually receive from Bootyjuggs, Klobuchar, Warren and Biden. And I will tell you exactly why Bootyjuggs, Klobuchar, Warren and Biden will all endorse Bloomberg: Bloomberg will just pay for their endorsements -- and delegates, in exchange for donations to their political campaigns in the future, or just money to whatever private enterprises or foundations they want to start (for Biden who will score a nice retirement package from Bloomberg.) So there you go: 43 delegates will go to Bloomberg, plus whatever Bootyjuggs, Klobuchar, Warren and Biden will win from Nevada, South Carolina, and Super Tuesday. They will all go to Bloomberg in the end. I can already tell you what the candidates' final deal will be: all the centrist/establishment/moderate candidates will combine their delegates and transfer all his/her delegates to... Michael Bloomberg, (whom IMO will squeeze out all other establishment candidates on Super Tuesday.) You know as well as I do that those centrist/moderate candidates will NOT give their delegates to Bernie. And frankly, they should not -- because their own supporters voted for a centrist/moderate/establishment candidate in the primaries, and Bernie does not reflect those people's politics or votes. (So Bloomberg's strategy is becoming clearer now: he expects other centrists/moderates to drop out -- and then buy their delegates from early primary states and Super Tuesday. That is how a multi-billionaire roll.) So, the DNC and superdelegates will NOT step in to make a decision. The candidates themselves will make the decision... based on the "will" of their supporters, and Bernie will still lose. Bernie is to be blamed as well: he cannot just "barely win" in every primary state, and keep limping from one win to another. He needs to win every state DECISIVELY, with a huge margin, beating out the combined delegates of other establishment candidates. He will need to win the majority of delegates BY HIMSELF, (i.e., >2,376 delegates.) Otherwise, he will not make it. Which could actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise -- as I am starting to see the numbers (based on the turnouts of the early primary states on both Democratic and Republican sides,) and I think NONE of the Democratic candidate will able to beat Trump. If Bernie wins the nomination and then loses to Trump, it will be devastating to the progressives movements -- everyone will blame the failure on progressive movements and socialism. Progressives will NEVER be able to recover from that fatal blow.
  7. I am saying this as a Bernie supporter myself: Bernie has the best chance to beat Trump in this election cycle, BUT Bernie has already lost to Trump. (Meaning NONE of the Democratic candidates will be able to defeat Trump in November.) It is just math. Back in 2016, when almost every media pundits and pollsters predicted that Hillary would defeat Trump in a landslide, only TWO university professors, HELMUT NORPOTH and ALLAN LICHTMAN, (links to their 2016 predictions before Trump won,) correctly predicted that Trump would win and become the President. In particular: Prof. Norpoth used a purely mathematical model called the “Primary Model”, which uses the turnout sizes of the early state primaries to gauge voter enthusiasm for any individual candidates — and to “calculate” the final winner of the general election. (The “early” primary states taken into consideration are New Hampshire and South Carolina; caucus states are NOT considered.) Link: http://primarymodel.com/ Using primary turnouts as the criteria, Bernie has already lost to Trump, by a wide margin. Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2020/02/12/bernie-sanders-gets-50-fewer-votes-in-new-hampshire-than-2016-trump-gets-24-more/ It is just math, no personal bias or emotion.
  8. Here is a little and shortened history lesson of this whole mess between China and Taiwan, and a little tale of how Karma is truly a bitch: After Taiwan -- aka officially the "Republic of China" -- lost the civil war and retreated to the island, Taiwan was actually in the United Nations between 1945 and 1971, as the official "Re pubic of China". The "Republic of China" was -- and still is -- Taiwan's formal designation and official name. Taiwan was a member in the UN, as one of the give permanent UN Security Council, for 26 years as the "legitimate" and "official" representation of CHINA and the CHINESE PEOPLE. Taiwan regarded itself as the government of all China -- included the mainland. At the same time, Taiwan called and labeled the China mainland as the "illegitimate" and "rogue" government on the mainland. The UN accepted Taiwan as the official "China" because Taiwan insisted that it will retake the China mainland from the communist government... WHICH NEVER HAPPENED. At that time, China was actually willing to recognize Taiwan -- if only Taiwan was willing to recognize China as a separate country and allow China into the UN. BUT TAIWAN REFUSED. Yup, Taiwan had the opportunity to become a separate country, to become independent from China. All Taiwan had to do was to recognize China as a separate country, and allow China into the UN as a separate country. BUT TAIWAN REFUSED, because it wanted to isolate China; and Taiwan had the upperhand at the time, and it thought it had the upperhand forever. Of course, Taiwan used its UNSC powers to put all kinds of tough economic and political sanctions on China, which caused hundreds of millions of death, miseries and suffering happened in China under Mao. So, was it Mao's fault to millions of Chinese death, or was it Taiwan's sanctions and isolation on China? Hm... certainly an interesting point to ponder over. So, after 26 years in 1971, China petitioned to the UN to replace Taiwan as the official, legitimate representative of "China" and the Chinese people. Many nations in the UN also thought it was getting silly to wait for Taiwan to "retake China", and felt that "we really have to have a government that legitimate representation for the Chinese people on the mainland, not some little island that has not ruled China for decades and just wants to put vengeful sanctions to punish and kill Chinese people." So the UN called for a vote, on UN Resolution 2758. Taiwan was not permitted to use its UNSC veto, (the first and only time a UNSC was not allowed to use its veto.) With clever and well-planned political maneuvers, China succeeded -- and replaced Taiwan as the "China" in the UN, by 76 to 35 votes. And Taiwan was kicked out of the UN and lost its status as an "independent country". And, here we are, and here is the irony: now that the situation is reversed, Taiwan is crying and whining about it being "not" China, it being an independent and separate country. Taiwan certainly did not see things that way back when it was in the UN between 1945 and 1971. It is only crying and whining right now because it lost the upperhand over China in 1971. Ah, sweet irony. Boo-hoo, cry me a river. Oh, poor baby, Taiwan does not want to play anymore. As for China: it still remembers the 26 years when Taiwan put and used all kind of sanctions that killed and starved millions of China. Taiwan still owes China some blood debts. There is still a price to be paid.
  9. Finally, proofs that Americans — i.e., the PEOPLE, not just the government — are in fact a very evil people. Polls to confirm the wickedness of how willing Americans (BOTH Democrats and Republicans) are to use nukes:
  10. Didn't the Iraqi Parliament just voted to expel all foreign occupying military forces??!? Iraq is being occupied by Western forces. It has no self-determination. It is effectively no different from being a colony of Western powers -- notably America. We don't call it that, but that is what it really is.
  11. I've been watching a lot of videos on Iran, so now YouTube is recommending anything that's relevant to Iran to me. A bunch of Christian and Evangelical videos about Iran have just popped up in my recommendations. Oh boy are they super excited about the coming End Time.
  12. Looks like Soleimani might have been invited by Iraq to Baghdad — on US behalf — to start a peace talk. Then the US turned around and assassinated Soleimani when he arrived on what was technically a US invitation. That was some Braveheart/Red Wedding-level villainy right there, a new low for America... or maybe not.
  13. A good reminder about the differences between Sunni vs. Shia, and how the US government and media always conflate the two to create a misleading narrative:
  14. Donald Trump will win the 2020 re-election. If you recall: back in 2016, all the election polls and pundits predicted that Hillary had “90-plus percentage” chance of defeating Trump in a landslide. All of them EXCEPT TWO: Professor Helmut Norpoth and Professor Alan Lichtman. Norpoth used his “Primary Model”. Lichtman used his 13-point predictive method. Here is the peculiarity shared by both Norpoth’s model and Lichtman’s 13 method: The main focus of the model and method was not even based on the candidates themselves. The models mostly looked at the performances of the SITTING PRESIDENT, who was Obama at the time. So, in essence, they looked at the 2016 election as a referendum on Obama’s second term. It was NOT Hillary who lost the 2016 election. It was OBAMA who lost the 2016 election — because outside the Black communities and the neoliberal circles, Obama’s policies had harmed and were disliked by the average Americans. The Primary Model even predicted that: even if Bernie had defeated Hillary in the 2016 primary, Bernie would have also lost to Trump — by an even bigger margin. Hillary or Bernie had very little to do with the outcome. The 2016 election outcome had already been pre-determined by the second-term performance of then-sitting president, Obama. Which brings us to the 2020 election. On December 5 in the New York Emma Clark Memorial Library, Norpoth offered his very first tentative forecast for the 2020 result based on his Primary Model. A month before that, Lichtman also went on the MSNBC to make an early 2020 prediction based on his 13-points. BOTH professors predicted Trump will win the 2020 election, regardless who will be the Democratic candidate. It is simply because Trump’s PERFORMANCES — outside his insensitive/offensive/sexist/racist comments and his un-presidential behaviors — especially his performances on economy, have actually been objectively good. AND, he has kept most of his campaign promises (even though I disagree with almost all of his policies/promises; I have to admit: he has kept most of his promises to his supporters.) Mind you: Lichtman is a Democrat who hated Trump, and Norpoth seems to be a progressive. But that was their early prediction for 2020. I encourage you to google those professors and their forecast methods/models. So, unless the economy crashes before the 2020 election, Trump will have his second term. So Happy New Year!
  15. Not sure if this is relevant to "politics", but a few days ago I read in Chinese social media that: in East Asia, (South Korea and Beijing in particular,) Asian male-white female interracial marriages outnumbered White male-Asian female ones, for the first time. Now that I've thought of it, I've been seeing a lot of Asian male-white female (AMWF) channels popped up on YouTube in the past year, (i.e., 2019.) One of the benefits when your countries/cultures/region have "risen", I suppose.
  16. Whoa thanks. Anyway, I completed my Mass Effect trilogy DLC last week, but bought the Dragon Age 2 DLC just this week. Will ask for a refund quickly. Frankly, I've never been much of a fan of Dragon Age. I am more of a fan of the Mass Effect trilogy, and always thought the Dragon Age universe pale in comparison to many other sword-and-sorcery, elf-and-dragon fantasy competitions that have over-saturated the RPG market. Only got the first two Dragon Age to complete my "classic BioWare collections".
  17. Whoa. Anyway, I am downloading Mass Effect 2 + DLC right now, just to test them to see if they work properly. Based on what I've been reading, you need to connect to the now-defunct "Cerberus Network" to use the DLC: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Mass-Effect-2/Can-t-connect-to-Cerberus-network-in-Mass-Effect-2/td-p/5893580
  18. It was always curious to me as to why the universe does not have any other intelligent life. The odds are the universe should have other intelligence lives that are capable of spacefaring and contacting us. Now, it makes perfect sense. No other intelligence life was ever able to survive into the spacefaring age. They all went extinct for the same reason(s) we are going extinct. So, I already know how all this will end: I don't think we are gonna make it, because it is egoistical to think that we are any more special than all the other intelligent lives that had reached our stage of development (and the odds are plenty of other intelligent lives have reached our stage) and then gone extinct.
  19. I have made the decision to pretty much stop buying anything from GOG, and I am in the process of migrating to Steam. For this Winter sales, I have spent close to $100 on Steam and from other venues that sell Steam keys. I spent about $30 on Origin -- but only to buy Mass Effect trilogy and Dragon Age II DLC packs, which are Origin exclusives that are not available on Steam or elsewhere. Those DLC were the last and only things I wanted from Origin, so most likely I will NEVER spend any money on Origin ever again after this Winter sales. I am looking to spend $5 to $10 on Epic because I want to use the $10 off $15 coupon. On GOG, however, I have spent only about $3 for this Winter Sales, and only very reluctantly because those games were not discounted (at 80-percent) elsewhere. This entire year (2019), I have spend less than $20 on GOG. I currently own over 400 games on GOG, and almost all of them were bought before 2018. I will still buy games from GOG if they are not available on Steam and made by CDProjektRed. Otherwise, I will continue to stay away from GOG. Frankly, if I can find a way to get rid of my GOG account and recoup most of the money, I will do it. I will write a long article as to why I have made that decision later. A lot of reasons that have contributed to my final decisions to distance myself from GOG. Honestly, other than the cult-like mentality to support "No DRM", (which is really just a gimmick that appealed to me in the past but not anymore,) I have found very few other reasons to buy from GOG.
  20. Past its expiration date, but here it is again...
  21. He got awesome when he dumped that toxic feminist-SJW Angelina Jolie that had sucked all the awesomeness out of him.
  22. Finally saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It is bad movie, BUT it DID save Star Wars from the Last Jedi mess. Everyone could have known the movie after the Last Jedi would turn out to be a big mess after Rian Johnson f-cked over Star Wars. Johnson totally destroyed the internal and logical consistency of the Star Wars universe. There was really no easy way to continue the sage or fix the messes crapped out by Rian Johnson in the Last Jedi. HOWEVER, J.J. Abrams actually DID somehow fix the mess... but at the expense of a making a good, entertaining movie. Abram had to rushed through all the expositions to explain away all the messes created by Rian Johnson, without any time left for characters or story. The Rise of Skywalker gave us a good explanation as to why Leia could wield a high-level Force power in the Last Jedi, (i.e., Mary Poppins in space,) and why Mary Sue Rey was so powerful in the using the Force without any prior training, (which contradicted all the previous movies and TV series that had told us about how the Force was supposed the work; Rey's ridiculous mastery of the Force without any training also marginalized Anakin who was supposed to be the "Chosen One" and most powerful Force user in Star Wars history, Luke, Yoda, and millions of Jedi who had come before Rey, all of them had to trained hard for years and years before they could use telekinesis to move even a small object. Rian Johnson completely f--ked over all the other Jedi and the Force, and broke the internal consistency of the Star Wars universe.) The Rise of Skywalker has more or less fixed many of the f--k-ups created by Rian Johnson. The Rise of Skywalker was a bad movie on its own: it is too rushed, it is one exposition after another, it does not have any character moment or an interesting story. HOWEVER, this final movie actually DID fix and find ways to explain away (almost) all the BS Rian Johnson had put in the Last Jedi. For that , I give Abrams credits and respect. The Rise of Skywalker is a bad movie, but it savaged the Star Wars universe from Rian Johnson and the Last Jedi. (Not everything was corrected: for example, there was still no good explanation why the Resistance in the Last Jedi could use a starship to slice through a destroyer -- but the Rebel Alliance or anyone else had ever used it before if that tactic was so simple and effective. It retroactively opened up so many plot holes in all of the previous movies with spacer battles.)
  23. Here is how an atheist like myself enjoy Christmas:
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