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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if its possible to make assassin/melee rogues more fun to play Easy mechanic solutions such as: - Evasion : %10 incoming attacks have a chance to miss or reduced chance to hit the rogue - Rogues can lay traps in combat 2/per rest (with reduced accuracy ofc..since trappin is their main role, also for rangers) - shadowing beyond is 2/per encounter (please? ) - Backstab: also triggers for blinded characters (x1,5 dmg instead of 2 ) So what do you think of these changes? And do you guys have something else in mind which m
  2. As a big bad grognard i do love/respect ALL backers and the company that working hard to bring us an epic cRPG experience But i think you are just overreacting. Yes there are tense discussions but never toxic ones (as far as i see ) Afterall we are civilized and passionate group whom has only one purpose and we call it PoE
  3. It should adress the challange of merciless tactical combat and the story that aint about saving the world..again... xD New kids arent prepared for this! (especially against the beetles!) u dig it ?
  4. Has to be quoted.. Well said man.. And i'd like to add Magic is a finite source of asset, you can cast it only few times per rest. In a game with no rest spam, damage of spells should be on par with ''impact'' because you have a casting time and have to choose the exact spell that party needs in the right time and at right place.. (hurray friendly fire!)
  5. U surely wouldn't expect low int dialog be in game xD I bet 4M dollars has already been spent and they work hard for the sake of new IP I just hope Obsidian gathers good amount of income from PoE so they could make a good expansian and PoE II.. Btw is there a joke behind '' Bending the Wookie '' ??
  6. ^ That paragraf should be taken seriously. Somethings just seem better on paper* ^ I disaggree it seems more manageble right now. ^ No i dont. PoE is the new meta.. u dig it.. ^ If you gonna play PoE you should learn to respect the Beetle Squadron! ^ May be instead of QQ'in we should learn to adabt the hard encounters.. No oldschooler afraids of challanges even when it comes from insects! ^ I WOULD JUST FIREBALL THE SCENE. ^ Dear Nakia, for once write something less sensible... !1!!.. ^ This is the good summary of 392-bb..
  7. I think we should stop QQ'in about wizards now. 392 bb seems to be on the good way for caster classes. I dont know whats happens to me after reading the sensible comments of Nakia...
  8. I aggree we should be more productive when criticising. May be overreaction causes them to be more careful when explaining the recent changes
  9. Can we blame Mr. Josh for this one too ? If thats the case i'm with Sensuki :AKA: The Pillar
  10. The game itself is burst damage festial now. I remember times when a brittle fkn npc wizard casting some enchanment spell or scroll, i was wetting my keyboard in fear! how can i stop him? What does he casting ? Is it Chaos, Fear or Confusion... OMG..half the party is gone xD We wanted an IE game guys, please consider what kind of feeling we want when playing the game. New players doesnt gonna play this game more than DA:I or some new sh.t.. All the guys here (*cough.. loyal customers..cough*) wanted to play in BG and Torment kind of game. Bring the old magic system back with
  11. Well if we add dex to the formula these attributes should at least have some effect on spell casting time.. shouldnt they
  12. Intelligence should add more for a spell casting class doesn't it Also is it possible for us to choose vertically lined spell level list which might widen our options in combat instead of clicking them one by one
  13. İs there any other fellow backer that has the beta key but cant play the game ? i ll play the beta for him/her. Just pick the class&race and ill roleplay as hired foreign mercenary to give Intel about the new territories.. ;D i will send letters with my limited english ;p (this might be fun)
  14. quick call The Urquhart, i remember listening to his radio interview and he was talking about IE games =) BTW I'd love to see how you guys doing with animations Lastly, my vote goes to 'The Frontliners' for the next update
  15. Great update guys, would love to play with a rogue So whos the heavy hitter of casters ? Does that mean heavy magical damage oriented IE games shifted to heavy pyhsical damage ? :/ Reminds me online RPG games somehow ( not counting cipher because its hybrid and they cant target ground )
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