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  1. While I don't disagree, consider that the talking suit is not being honest. Focus on the "false choice" aspect. Most games only provide binary choices anyway, Bioware included. Attempting to provide the illusion of greater choice is a development hassle. The dishonest corporate response is just a cover for them saying they don't want to rise above themselves. It's also a multiplayer driven action game. Temper your expectations of plot accordingly.
  2. The only war McStain had a problem with, was the one he faced combat in. The man was an unashamed warmonger. Everywhere he has participated has involved war, ruin, destruction, and death. He worshiped state power, and is a vile human being for the things he has done to millions. The only real question is, do all of his ISIS buddies in Syria get an invitation to the funeral? Good riddance.
  3. I've followed this game casually, but it's one of the few games that I'm genuinely excited about. If launch reviews go well, I will not only buy it...but actually play it immediately rather than wait a year for patch/expansion/enhancement. This game is basically what "grognards" have been asking for for close to 15 years. Let's hope that they deliver.
  4. I didn't kickstart Star Citizen, but I hope it succeeds, too. It actually has the real potential to be what it promised to be. The ambition is admirable. Even if it does succeed, I won't be able to play it because...I don't have enough time to play/enjoy a game like that. Even still, it will be an incredible sight to behold and be a landmark piece of "art". The Eve Online creators must be sweating bullets.
  5. D:OS is good for several reasons. Combat is free-form, reactive, and engaging. Adventuring and exploration is well provided for. It doesn't take itself seriously. The combat is interesting. Sure, it can become an elemental soup--but it doesn't have to. Even when it is, the chaos is sublime. This game gives the player lots of options. What you do with them is your choice. The adventuring is great. In that the game doesn't take itself very seriously, it presents many interesting and varied circumstances, puzzles, and quests that keep the actual game play fresh. Throw in Larian's cherished commitment to player agency, and we've got quests that can be solved many different ways. Even if by breaking them, should you choose. The world is wonderfully detailed and reactive to those choices as well. Maybe not always in terms of plot, but certain in terms of ripping off that merchant, or breaking into homes. While the writing may be weak, and the silly humor becomes weary, the lack of seriousness creates an atmosphere where Larian is totally concerned with FUN. The game is as much about shenanigans as anything else. If Larian called it an adventure game instead of an RPG, most every criticism would fall mute. You get some wacky situations with wacky solutions from game play mechanics than can sometimes be...wacky! There is lots to do, multiple ways, and the vast majority of it is fun. You know, that thing entertainment used to be, before it became a substitution for reality. If you're not having fun with D:OS, it's because you're looking for something other than fun.
  6. Amen, brother. It certainly feels like around 2010 every company out there (especially tech) decided to switch to a model of ensnaring and holding you captive, rather than make and sell things you want. Everything is about trying to pull you into an ecosystem of relentless cross selling in perpetuum. Don't own your car, lease it. Don't own your phone be on our automatic upgrade plan. Don't own that software, license it. Want to use that scanner you just bought? You have to accept all of the mal/spyware packaged with the interfacing application in order to do so. HEY YOUR PRINTER IS 87% AWAY FROM BEING EMPTY. BUY SOME MORE TONER FROM ME!!!! I'm glad I know how to use Windows registry to tame software that would otherwise break if you pulled it apart any other way. Sadly, anything after Windows 7 is pure malware, so all of that registry knowledge will die as I transition to Linux, and await Vulkan. I haven't used steam for years, despite it being installed. I struggle to think of what games I even have on my steam account. The most attention is when I occasionally have GoG check my library for cross-overs--not that I miss anything which hasn't transferred yet.
  7. Reflexifly answering would be: Baldur's Gate 2 Fallout 1 & 2 (Tie) Planescape: Torment Picking only three is brutal, and I have to make some honorable mentions. Vampire Bloodlines: The Masquerade Betrayal at Krondor
  8. Unofficial Patch , Widscreen/Resolution Mod, and The Camarilla Edition. The first two are obvious, but Camarilla edition makes many gameplay changes that enhance gameplay quite a bit.
  9. I get the sense that Deadfire is begging to be set free of the archetypes and formally made into a classless system even more than PoE1 did. So many of these class distinctions either railroad you into a contrived style, or paradoxically being a distinction with barely any difference. Seems overly complicated. Just go with prerequisited talent trees and be done with it.
  10. Shaken Pillars Seeds of doubt bear fruit, bitter from disappointment. Hope springs eternal.
  11. I have a question for anyone with experience regarding Open Gaming Licenses--particularly with D&D. I know for 5th edition they have updated it. I've been developing my own RPG for a long time with unique mechanics, setting, creatures, etc. That being said, I have leaned on the D&D bestiary, because it's superb. Does anyone know how they are handled?
  12. This game you linked looks more like some alternative Syndicate :D You beat me to it. I was going to say the same thing. I was young when I played some of Syndicate, which was still quite a few years after it came out. It was bit unwieldy and difficult to manage in real time. I never made it past the first level. OT: I played Syndicate on shareware CD-ROM that had alot of great stuff on it. Alone in the Dark, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Rise of the Triad, One Must Fall 2097, Magic Carpet and much more. So awesome. All of them were full games--you just couldn't save! Let to some intense play, and major heart-breaks. Good times.
  13. Just finished Tyranny. Played a diplomatic mage party, anarchy route. Tyranny was significantly better than PoE. Story was better, world was more interesting, companions of more consistent quality, better "stronghold", better dialogue, reactivity, loot, etc. It's only real sins were being spawned from the ribs of PoE and having a tiny budget. Combat was not quite the drudgery it is exclaimed to be, even if it's not excellent. I still blame any of those failings on being inherited from PoE, though. Overall, I enjoyed it. I know this because I actually took my time on it--which I have very little of these days. I also made an effort to play through it, rather than dabble. It's too bad they weren't able to further expand on the game's length. I would have liked to see more of it.
  14. I read it. Decent read. Entries are concise and informative. About as comprehensive as one can be without attempting to be an actual encyclopedia. Excellent resource if you're looking for RPGs but have some doubts about older games.
  15. Hrm. Based on your original post, you would probably enjoy Magicka 1 and Magicka 2 very much. The first is far better, though they seriously increased the difficulty and toned down the fun when they re-balanced it just before releasing the sequel. Magicka 2 lacks the charm of the first, has an inferior spell list, but greater mobility. The gameplay changes have both pros & cons, but is generally considered lesser. They obviously wanted it to be a MOBA game on consoles, and the second game suffers for it. I'd also recommend Gauntlet if you like the fantasy arcade style play. If you're willing to dip your toe out of the fantasy genre, then Everspace has outstanding arcade/rogue-lite gameplay. If you're wanting to stick with fantasy and spellcasting, but don't mind a slower pace, then check out Chaos: Reborn. It's a remake of a game from 1985. I think I might slightly prefer the original, but Chaos: Reborn is an excellent game of wizard chess. Not for the faint of heart though.
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