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  1. tyranny while being linear is just better 1. There are some actually innovative systems in tyranny (spell casting) unlike deadfire with it's ship combat. 2. The character cast is not even comparable. Tunon, graven ashe, vioces of nerat, Siryn and bleden mark were awesome, as well as all the companions with the exception of Harambe. Deadfire is dwarfed by this cast of greatness. 3. Deadfire beats tyranny only in the opportunity to play it IWD style with multiclassing being a great party building/customization tool. And even that is debatable. 4. Tyranny's setting is more engulfing. Why even compare the two? I'm pretty convinced that Tyranny's budget doesn't even come close to Deadfire and it still manages to stand tall near it's competitors and actually won a place in my heart.
  2. Can anybody make a grimoire that will hold all spells not available on level up (like ningauth shadow flame) in one grimoire, please?
  3. Why does Sawyer think he can rip off the wheel of Saṃsāra and present it as something original? Things were better when they used refined settings like forgotten realms and not tried "to invent the wheel".
  4. It's just I can't get involved with the characters. Their whining just distracts me and despite them being unique and bantering, I created a custom party. A sidekick with no quest, is ok. Babysitting Xoti - sorry.
  5. My suspension of disbilef got hammered by this. Maybe it's a range in a droptable. Jokes aside, such important resources shouldn't be randomized, each eye is 15000 gold + components worth. Same with dragon's scales and flames. Each scale is 15000, each flame is 30000. One time i got 3 flames, another 4 flames. It's not a MMO, why randomness when I can just reload and abuse?
  6. traditional: starts out hard, but once you pick a few buffs and gear becomes relatively easy. The difficulty is not the problem. the FOO (first order optimal strategy) driven approach to solving it is. You put up devotions at the start of the fight and wreck everything. Enemies don't use empower (can anyone confirm?), don't act smartly with disables, don't even hit hard unless rogues from invisibility. I don't think there is a smart way to solve it. They'll just pump the stats and enemy numbers up.
  7. Don't forget hundreds of work hours dedicated to PoE1 reactivity that no one cares about.
  8. If you want a mobile powerhouse then go swashbuckler. You've got crippling strike + penetrating strike synergy, mob stance, charge and escape for mobility, you can even go 2handed due to a certain hat that makes two handed godly there are also aoe 2hanlers.
  9. @OP with avellone's recent revelations it's very very unlikely any piece of his legacy will be included.
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