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  1. My game bugged out and characters were moving through walls, if not for that and the guides I would never finish this quest, and Nenio is my favourite companion mind you.
  2. Omg one thing I noticed about romances was how similar Lann's was to Casavir's from NWN2. The difference is the latter was written by someone who hated this type of content with the sole purpose of making it as unpleasant as possible, and Lann's is 100% legit. He literally says at one point "Let me protect you", "stay behind me during combat". First of all, what the hell? Second of all, buddy, you're an ARCHER. Calm down. At some point you get to talk about kids and if you choose the "grr kids bad" dialogue option, the game will keep triggering this exact same conversation until you say something else. Lol. Pretty basic overall but some parts were mighty weird.
  3. The story is so bad I actually laughed a couple of times. Twists and turns are stupid and predictable, I have no idea why there are so many people on Reddit praising WOTR's plot and writing. And the writing is poor too, this game doesn't know how to handle more mature adult themes so it just throws gore and sex at you. Yawn.
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