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  1. After tinking around with it for about 2 hours(and learning a great deal about Deadfire's scripting engine), I figured it out. Yea, it is a bug. For anyone wondering: The n_FQ_VTC07_firemaker_escaped global variable is set whenever a firemaker in the powderhouse dies. So, in my game, I snuck into the powderhouse before Maia had even joined, and killed some of them by blowing up barrels. Wasn't spotted, and none of guards went hostile. Wasn't even on the quest, was just exploring. They didn't technically die by my hand, either, since they were killed by the barrel explosions - no rep loss
  2. No, I didn't blow up the Powderhouse. I just blew up a few barrels when I was sneaking around to kill guards. The guard outside goes hostile for some reason if I get too close, even though they never seen me. I seen in the global variable bundle that there are a couple variables that control the powderhouse state, but resetting them to 0 doesn't seem to do anything. Bear in mind, I did this before I even got her as a companion. My watcher has +2 reputation with her. I have high RDC rep and fair Huana rep. Never been able to talk with her. Didn't sacrifice Kana, haven't been able to ro
  3. The Maia in my game seems to be bugged. She won't talk to me and only responds with a glare. I can't start her quest, but aside from when she joined at the palace, haven't talked to her at all. I killed both the Bardettos and Valeros, but during negotiation when they jumped me. Other than that, I haven't done anything that I think could piss her off. I haven't joined any of the factions yet, and I didn't sacrifice Kana. I did sneak into the Powderhouse and did blow up a few barrels, but they didn't notice me. I blew them up cause it doesn't count as a kill if you do - I suspect this is what
  4. Iselmyr was, by design, impulsive and unpredictable. I would not call it 'laid-back'. I don't remember a time in PoE1 when Aloth panicked about anything, even when you first meet him and he's about to get his ass kicked by those dudes at the inn. But by the end of PoE1, he'd grown to the point that he doesn't really need her anymore and she just pops in when he's in danger. Also, in Deadfire, he talks as if he had successfully dealt with his weird family situation, so you'd think he'd be even more mentally liberated and stable than getting triggered at Serafen talking loosely about sex and
  5. I played Deadfire partly through near launch(right past Deadlight) and just recently came back to it, with a fresh party and some Blessings... so I have to ask: What is up with Aloth? He was such a cool laid-back dude in the first game, but in Deadfire, he's never pleased by anything and constantly fighting with teammates. He's at 0 disposition with Eder and Eder is at +2 with him, and Eder's personality is a total mirror of his(extremely easy-going on the surface but very serious convictions down deep). You'd think they'd be getting along because of how long they've known each other. He
  6. He crushed your keep, killed your servants, killed you, stole your soul, and worst of all, stole your freaking statue! There is no reason why the watcher couldn't have sopped up souls for himself and fought the 100m god. But hell, why stop at Eothas? Let's fight /all the gods/!
  7. Except at that point I feel that Durance only cares about his vengeance on Magran. He doesn't give a damn about Eothas, since he is so obsessed with what Magran did to him. I would have loved to see old coot, but I feel like he has even LESS reason to appear. Aloth for me had the weakest reason. Pallegina was alright since there was a big thing in Deadfire and she was called by the Republics, Eder is affected directly because it was his own god that rose from the dead, so its natural for him to follow with you. You seem to hold an overly-simplistic view of Durance's motives. My impre
  8. I posted this in another thread. It's really strange to me that the writers chose to overlook him since he is so much more integrally connected to the Eothas story than any other companion. When Durance found out at the end of PoE that the gods , his natural response - given his spiteful nature and as someone who had sacrificed a great deal in the name of Magran as well as him hinting at the possibility that killing Eothas was a mistake - should have been to eradicate the gods. If I were Durance, my first impulse upon hearing that Eothas had rose up out of the ground would be to track dow
  9. Have you heard what Magran has to say about humanity? lol, Abydon and Eothas were the only two gods who actually cared about humanity. And for that, they were both murdered by the other gods. Durance was just following the dictates she laid out. Him saying he felt used is par-for-the-course with Magran's dictates. Eothas had to be eliminated "by any means necessary"; that's sort-of what the Godhammer represented. You think it was just Magran's followers who participated in those purges? lol, take look at the freaking Dyrwood, for christ's sakes. Hell, Woedica is the one who convinced a beg
  10. Is he dead because you told him to renew his faith? Or because he actually died? You kinda need to re-frame your view of him slightly to understand why he's relevant - he killed the ONE god(at great personal expense to himself) who actually took a stand for the mortals(besides Abydon). Eothas represented Durance's utopia, and Durance slowly comes to that conclusion throughout POE. Maybe it wasn't clear at the time, but his regret lies not just in the fact that he was used, but that he was instrumental in destroying the one (living)god who actually gave more of a **** about the mortals.
  11. lol, him and Eder were the best characters. He's the Archie Bunker of POE, except meaner and more intelligent. His hatred makes so much more sense when you actually sit down and talk with the gods. I would probably turn into a cynical bitter old man too, If I devoted my life and sacrificed part of my soul to these louts -- with the exception of maybe Galawain, Abydon and Eothas(so far).
  12. After the "round table" scene, I so want to help him get his vengeance. I would forge a cannon to launch his soul into into the cycle if I could weaponize his hatred towards this gaggle of bickering little bitches they call "gods". It's clear to me at this point why he hated them.
  13. Well, the reason why I picked a single class over a multi-class is this: I want to get access to my most powerful abilities as early in the game as possible. Builds which are great only at or near max level don't have the same draw for me as builds that are as powerful in the beginning and middle as in the end of the game. Isn't this typically the opposite of how caster progression works? They start out weak and vulnerable, and by end-game they are head of the pack. In Deadfire, they start out weak, but don't seem to improve enough (in comparison to other classes and multi-classed ch
  14. I could appreciate the laid-back feel of the original POE OST, but honestly, it just feels kinda depressing in Deadfire, and not in a good way. I think you guys should lighten it up a little bit in the expansions - make it sound a bit more adventurous and provoking, and less like something that would be acceptable to play at a funeral. IMO, it's just feels.... flat.
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