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  1. It's especially disconcerting if you play as a cipher godlike with a slave background, since not only does he give you a hat you can't wear but shackles once used to control an enslaved cipher.
  2. I do think companion interaction and romance needs to be fixed and expanded upon a little bit. For one, I'd include the option to start a romance/flirt even if you previously turned down certain companions. Especially in the case of Xoti and Takehu who want to start a romance practically as soon as they join and before you get to know them. Secondly, that once in a romance there would be 1-2 conversations that you could have as a couple. This is more of a pet peeve of mine, but I hate it when just getting into a relationship (or in some cases, a sex scene) is treated as some sort of end goal with nothing else coming after it--when in reality that is merely the beginning of what it means to be with someone. Probably why I still think BGII's romances are some of the best out there when it comes to games. Like with Aerie, for example, to actually have a romantic relationship with her you can't have sex with her immediately. Or even with Viconia who while is initially more receptive to flirting takes several conversations before anything romantic actually develops and dealing with the ramifications of that.
  3. I've encountered this. If your own cannoneers are high level you can shoot with just as good accuracy and damage right back at them.
  4. Well, I'm certainly happy over getting free stuff even if it is of things I likely wont use; it is not like I'm being forced to download it. Would appreciate more skintones for godlike though. Hint hint. Nudge nudge.
  5. The goal is to go ahead and do a full playthrough, but wont play from the beginning again until more patches are released. Especially patches that add to/fix certain quests and characters. Or mods.
  6. Wouldn't mind a visit to the Living Lands, though I really just want more player choice. More ways to resolve quests and conversations. For example, in the beginning of Deadfire instead walking towards Berath you can decide to go back the way you came, returning as a fampyr. That way there is some sort of middle ground between becoming a god's pet or dying. .... Actually, another thing I'd like to have in a future game is player-specific flavor-text. If my character is from Old Vailia than the options I have to choose from would have Vailian words, etc.
  7. I've seen a comment here and there that Aloth, Eder, and Pellagina don't really serve much of a purpose or add anything interesting except to serve as fanbait. So, which of the previous game's characters do you think would have the most relevance to Deadfire? For me it'd be Durance, especially if you convinced him it'd be a great idea to take down the other gods. Seems like he'd have all kinds of interesting things to do and say about Eothas returning once again despite use of the Godhammer. With his help and knowledge, he could have even provided a way to actually stop (or help) Eothas' plans.
  8. I wondered about this as well. Every time a character brought up something being some sort of divine calling I wanted the option to point out that hey, that divinity they're so proud of worshiping was created by an ancient civilization that had felt sad one day. There was also a huge disconnect with me during the scene of confronting Eothas about what his plans are, that if you bring Xoti she fangirls over being in the presence of, and he flat out talks about being an Engwithan creation... but that got zero reaction from her.
  9. The only way I could do this without Giacolo dying was if I immediately attacked (and cast Withdraw on him asap) instead of going through all the dialogue first. Pallegina makes a fuss afterwards but she quickly gets over it since her pal lives.
  10. Well, that's disappointing there isn't much that is specific. And I hope you are onto something Taevyr. Ondra is my least favorite of the gods; I had such high hopes for her but then I got to find out some of the stuff that she pulled.
  11. Now there's a face you never want to see in the middle of the night. Or day.
  12. Decided to go ahead and test out #7. Put on a Principi flag, sunk any Valian boat that rushed to attack, checked to see if there was any reputation hit with the VTC. Doesn't look like it, but then again I haven't played long enough to see if anything changes via dialogue with them. It just doesn't seem like a smart business decision. At the very least you'd want to ask questions over what an ex-slave (especially of the more benevolent variety) is going to want to do about getting involved in what is supposed to be a secret side-deal. Thanks for the link. I'll play around with it once I finish this current playthrough. I try to be mod-free whenever I first play a game. But when it comes to 9, it all gets sorted out in the end, right? When it comes to revealing what happens if you kill off most of a faction. That answer to #6 scares me.
  13. I haven't played through the whole game yet, so would appreciate simple yes or no responses (where applicable) in order to avoid massive spoilers. Hopefully this is the right section to ask all of this. I'd normally just turn to google but there'd be no way to avoid finding out just about everything doing that. At any point can you tell Xoti that the god she worships is just something the Engwithans created because they were sad they couldn't find anything more powerful to order them around?--No Do any of the gods give special dialogue if you are a godlike? More specifically, with Ondra's many little visits via Takeku when the watcher is a moon godlike. So far I'm finding it odd that I'm being asked to help out her very special son and I can't respond with anything like "Than what am I to you? Fried chicken? If I'm supposed to also be your "child" why did you let Berath claim me?"--Barely any and not with Ondra. Is it possible to get a positive reputation with a faction if you've already gotten to -5?--Yes Can I steal Maia's parrot? I want a parrot.--No, but there -Yes.are other birds. If I turn anyone down for a romance, can I change my mind later?--No Is it possible to help/go with Aloth to undo the damage done by the Leaden Key after the game ends?--No I need three crates of luminous adra for a quest and somehow have two already (I think I got them from a ship I sunk). My Watcher isn't really into stealing and thinks buying three additional crates is a waste of a favor/coin, so can I just start waving a Principi flag and get attacked by Valian ships that have this adra? Will I get a reputation hit for doing that?--It works. Is it a bug that Fernando thinks it is a good idea to get a Watcher with the slave background to go help his slaver friends? Same goes for that VTC leader. Will the end of the game acknowledge if I (almost) wipe out an entire faction? It doesn't seem like it does so far. For example, in one quest I sided with the druids to get rid of the RDC influence on their island, and afterwards, while I'll get attacked by Rautai where ever I go, including almost all of the Brass Citadel (they started it! I only went there because of another quest), Hazanui still throws Maia at me and wants me to come down to her office for a friendly chat. It's like she doesn't know that uh, the Watcher maybekinda already visited and that everybody there is now dead.--Sort of. I've heard that the RDC questline gives you a submarine. Do the other major factions give special boats? I want a special boat.--Yes Is there some sort of skill/ability I can unlock in order to enchant simple clothing?--No That's all... for now.
  14. I like Eder the most. He's the Watcher's best bro. The only one out of the original crew who went out of his way to help you once he learned what happened to Caed Nua. Roleplaying-wise that goes a long way for my Watcher. I don't really have a least favorite, but I guess if you twist my arm I'd say Xoti. Her zealotry and her dialogue when she
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