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  1. is there a way to forcefully trigger the assassin event through the console? edit: i can confirm that that's the problem. I loaded a really old save, consoled in the tooth and the dragon thing and got the ambush event. edit 2: not the most elegant solution, but maybe having her spawn if the player owns the Chain of Rightful Authority would fix it? assuming that's possible.
  2. two new poses! I was remaking a character when I noticed there's a "pious" and "erudite" pose in the character creator.
  3. Here's some saves. One is after the DLC was completed and another is before I completed it. She's missing in both. (Even findobject fails to find her.) https://www.mediafire.com/file/uzsa9if3bnpl3ly/PoE2Saves.zip/file
  4. Interesting. Maybe you can miss it depending on the order you resolve things? I released the prisoners in the Collections, killed the spores, gave the vithrak their contract, and then fought a possessed dead Maura. Was not able to find any pieces of the seed in the Upper Bowels.
  5. Yes, I have the Chain of Rightful Authority and the Weight of Revelations. I'll load an old save file later to see if she's there before I start the new DLC. I'll upload some saves when I get home.
  6. So. Forgotten Sanctum. Wael's body. The "godseed". Went digging through files and found out about this. But I didn't encounter anything about it in my first playthrough of the DLC. Was it cut or is it possible to miss it?
  7. yeah that's the main issue with the Woedica and Steel Garrote subclasses. There are two pieces of reactivity for being Steel Garrote. that's it. would be nice if they added reactivity to that place though.
  8. Here's the Pillars 1 and 2 saves: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rae5qu3u8n87a05/VelaBug4.0.zip/file
  9. Imported a PoE 1 save where I sacrificed Vela, killed Lliras, gave Simoc the potion, and then killed Simoc and the Ethik Nol. Before the beta this save imported correctly and Vela was dead. Now Vela is alive and standing next to Eld Engrim.
  10. you can't return the souls to the Wheel until after killing the Poroka. doing so then gets you a gift from Berath. consuming the souls gives you Culmination Stones which give you a free weapon/armor upgrade to Legendary. channeling to Muatu empowers his summon. (and it supposedly you could manifest him permanently? haven't seen anybody do this, so it may have been cut.) and if you made a certain choice in Beast of Winter you can destroy the souls to get gifts from Rymrgand. (+2 accuracy against vessels for each time you destroy the souls, up to a total of +8 accuracy). I think the only wa
  11. omg this is perfect for my power-hungry, misotheist, metaphysicist wizard i was planning to play soon!
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