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  1. Ok, is there a chance we get some additional content for the game? I want, but cannot really hope for a whole adventure, but some Mega boss fights at least? Or the game is finish with the patch for turn based mode? Best regards!
  2. I have this problem for around a half a year on my playthrough and it seems no one care to fix it... Need the spell reflect gear for the Sigilmaster Boss from Una, but no luck.
  3. I tried several build items on Eder as a tank, but no luck. Dorudugan still crits me with 150 deflection. True, my armor is a bit low - 12 crush-14 pierce-16 fire. I have the bad feeling this fight is impossible without some form of chanter - as a tank with regeneration or simply for the summons as meat shield. If someone have a luck with fighter tank, Eder for example, let me know. Also, as I said in my first post - i am playing on Veteran.
  4. Hello, I am trying to beat this boss at the moment with a full party of 5 and having big troubles I know that will be hard, but now please let me solves the puzzle. I am playing on veteran mode. Tank - Eder - warrior- I have 14 armor with Patinated plate on. The deflection is around 127 I think and the boss still crit me. Me- mage Tekehu- druid Aloth - mage/rogue Xoti- priest Eder can tank him with stoneskin potion and the hardy buff from Xoti fro some time, but still dying in around 2-3 mins. Please, can You propose some equipment required for the tank, also how to do damage to this guy...it's almost impossible it seems. Thanks Regards!
  5. Just tried on the other PC and everything looks fine. I think that the problem is in the Windows OS - the PC with the bug got a non-English Windows. If I remember correctly there was some other bugs in the game related to non-English Windows OS.
  6. I tried this way, but it doesn't work. Gonna try on different PC later today and see how it works, but for now no luck. Really hope there is a a fast patch or something for that.
  7. As the title say, after the last patch with the new DLC all my party characters disapeared and do not show corectly on the screen, but as black shadows.... Not only the party characters, but all NPC also. Any help? I read one topic with the same issue on Steam, but it's in russian and it's hard for me to udertsand what I should fix in the the options. Here is the topic - https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/3315110799610198086/
  8. Anyone know when the patch fixing all current problems will be released? So far I am really afraid to continue playing, got some bugs in the beginning of the game, already restarted one time. The game is not in so bad state really, but if a patch will come in some days, may be is better to wait a little.
  9. Hello all! Just finished this great game and also the first expansion - White March Part 1. So I have the following question: the second expansion, White March Part 1, will start like the first one - in the middle of the game, or it's set after the final of the main game? Regards!
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