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  1. Sorry I did not see your reply. I'm not sure I can find the save now after 2 years. I did enjoy the game but it would be better if these bugs didn't exist. It's a beautiful game!
  2. Sorry for the super late reply. I don't know if my answer will be still relevant, but I was playing Real-Time with Pause. I didn't see your response until just now.
  3. I can confirm this "fun fact" in my newest playthrough. I was wondering what happened.
  4. This game is not so difficult even at PoTD with all scaling only up, so it's actually good to rotate companions so that the encounters are not too boring.
  5. There are 4 enemies near Xakoras who would be automatically killed. Although they do eventually show up alive in the fight at first (when Xakoras is at a sufficiently low health), they are shown as friendly (non-aggressive) and would die without ever being hit when all the aggressive enemies are killed.
  6. There is an Engwithan Saint who was inactive and untargetable (and does not detect, unlike some other bugged inactive enemies in the game) as shown in the screen shot.
  7. Just now I had a similar issue of the Llengrath's Warding Staff being replaced by Citzal's Spirit Lance - I had the Lance on my hands when I summoned the Staff. The knock down effect occurred but my weapon remained the Lance. Guess it may not have anything to do with the range of the weapons.
  8. Ya i beat it before no prob. This time i swear it got up rolled big time. These skeletons have 60+ deflection. Did you last play before PotD got rebalanced? Because yes the entire first act got much harder. Yes. I was talking about the new playthrough I had after patch 4.0. Edit: I realized you were not replying to me actually.
  9. Did you finish the Luminous Adra/Eothas quest before going there? I did that and I didn't find the fights against the skeletons very difficult. I had a Wizard player character though (on PoTD with all only scale up).
  10. so I am not encountering some unique kind of bug here? my game files are fine? I can't be certain, but I had similar situation occurring to me before. You just have to avoid these difficult encounters at low level in PoTD with all upscaling only.
  11. I have crash problem too, but I also have crash problems before the patch so I don't know if they are introduced by the patch.
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