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  1. I am not sure it is a bug or an error, but in Serpent's Crown there is a Paladin, a Shieldbearer whom can train you, provided you pay his fee. This fee implies joining the order, per the Shieldbearer's words but... my character *is* a Shieldbearer as well and I'd got an option to acknowledge the fact to which this trainer responds positively, but still I am charged to join the order to get the training. I don't have a problem having to pay, ability points be Ability points and all that, but the text still mentions me having to join the order and I have no other alternative than to agree or not. I could see the trainer parsing this as a cost for time/materials or even to help the order, but not to join it (again)
  2. Very much this, moving the sailors, even in different unassigned slots might help I think the issue is that the game isn't seeing them as wounded (doesn't show in the upper bar with the other icons), thus won't heal them.
  3. The Talk to button in the description of Modwyn seems to have disappeared, I can't talk to it again. I loaded the game again, and no joy, same with using the BETA patch, button doesn't seem to be there anymore and, hence, can't talk to it :/
  4. I am on the same boat, four hours till I can leave the office and then it is a dash for home. Was thinking on ditching, but responsability won in the end.... who'd guessed it?
  5. Steam, as much as I like the GOG site, and its large collection of games, I want the preload and the auto updates.
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