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  1. You played Baldurs Gate and liked it, no reason u won't like PoE. look at gameplay videos if ur not sure
  2. thanks for clarifying, and i do agree with you I did all sub-quests so now basically I have nothing to do in the biggest city after such a big event occurred in the game which is a pity
  3. As the title says - are there no new quests in Defiance Bay after moving to chapter III ? no new people ? no impact of chapter II ?
  4. Right, BG2 had a stupid storytelling. Unlike GTA. For OP - I think the question is at which chapter are you ? at the transition of chapter 2 and chapter 3 I think there is an option still to pick sides. I didn't finish the game yet I just made it to act 3 but it seems so to me, and anyway, u can continue the last mile as u did, and in your 2nd play choose different options maybe
  5. With his invisible clone and name errors army !!! (the invisible animat stays even if i remove the mini from inventory. save-load fix it if hes not equiped but once equipping him again, bug comes again)
  6. Hey there Obsidian, Is there any word about working to reduce loading times for the game ? * I have only about 10 saves in my save folder (i clean it regularly) * my latest save is 4.2 mega * skyrim, witcher 2 and basically many other games load faster than this and it becomes a bit annoyance to do over time (only sims takes longer to load, which is basically why i only played the game couple of hours) * i dont have kana traps thingy so can't blame him for that! Thanks!
  7. It should say something like 20 Crush + 10 Burn = 30 Crush Damage
  8. Difficulty? Cause I'm on PotD level 10, and they're whooping my ass. So many bees BEADS ???
  9. Not sure why it triggered, but it just keeps scrolling upwards. quicksaving then quickloading didn't resolve the problem. moving to another area did!
  10. Uhm ... the humor is more ... subtle ... like in arrested development But ye I miss those goofy characters like minsc, or, if i may - Xzar.
  11. Is this really you playing ? That's so accurate, I wish I had your talent
  12. Awesome thanks FIREBALLS thats exactly what I needed ! I guess i'll move quicksave-load a bit so i'll have F1-F8, that'll suffice i think
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