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  1. Exiting the game to the desktop and loading it again helped.
  2. When I first enter Caed Nua, Kana hums. Then I try to initiate dialogue, receive pop-up in bottom right corner and nothing else. His green circle just flashes when I try to speak with him. f5ee95c54bf14625b06e86086377241d 8044601 CaedNua.zip
  3. One thing I dont understand is how original baldurs Gate 1 was able to afford Hollywood actors as VO, and PoE could not. I doubt BG had higher budget.
  4. So during conversation with Theos in Sun in Shadows he says to my Pallegina that she betrayed her masters, even though she didnt. I solved her personal quest with her staying loyal to ducs wishes.
  5. Dude. The guy You can already choose to kill either, neither or both of them. Is that not enough choice? Why would you need an option to pat the guy on the back for what he did. Because I'm Eoran Gilles de Rais, and this guy is a noob compared to my achievements in my old family manor back in Old Vailia?
  6. I agree with reviewer that Blood Legacy quest resolution felt ideologically forced. I'd kindly ask devs to add ability to side with Lord Harond completely.
  7. Speaking of improving the stronghold- I think that reducing traveling time a bit would make thwarting the attacks on your stronghold more managable and thus more fun. An easy way to improve the stronghold-player relationship. Or a quick portal to stronghold, Throne of Bhaal-like. Maybe through some gem or such.
  8. I wanted to return her to him for extra money and a chance of getting into nobility, but there was no such option. So I purified her using GM, and advised to go to big cities. And I let him go, incest for extending your noble line is nothing wrong in my book.
  9. Not really. You have that illusion because of dominance of Abrahamic religions and Rousseau-esque humanist secular philosophies in our World. In fantasy world nothing prevents people from openly living their life adhering to variety of ideologies - Nietzchean, Ayn Rand-ist, Pagan Bhaalist etc. Imagine if our world would be stil Abrahamic, but gnostic, and gnostics believe that God is evil. Would most of people try to convince everyone that they're evil even if they're not, in a gnostic world? After all, putting moralistic things aside, for most people evil=dangerous, so to be openly dangerous
  10. Pallegina does make morality comments - during Blood Legacy quest and in response to some Durance interjections in particular. I'm only in Act 2, but so far Blood Legacy seems to be the benchmark on this topic - none of my 5 companions (GM, Eder, Pallegina, Durance, Kana) showed understanding or sympathy for Lord Harond, even though his actions were common enough during Medieval Ages.
  11. Except that their complexity and views rarely get outside of modern values, prevailing in the Western World of Real Life. Post-Christian, secular humanist, collectivist. Even one evident feminist (Pallegina). No egoists, racial or class supremacists, moral relativists, imperialistic militarists etc.
  12. I havent finished he game yet, but what I understood from hanging around a bit with all the companions is that there are no evil ones. Ability to pick sinister voice for your Charname seems wasted, since it sets unfulfilled expectations. I understand that this is no DnD with its strict alignment system, yet I miss companions like Xzar, Edwin and Montaron. And in this game companions dont seem that grey moraled either, most of them are Good in DnD terms... In fact, only Aloth's melancholy hints that he might be self-centered, ALL others care too much about social issues of their background.
  13. My Moedred is long time dead too, and after talking with statue I get no new lines in talks with animancers. I can provide saves if needed.
  14. I googled for walkthrough of Man who Waits quest, and it says I need to speak to Moedred to progress. Thing is, hes already dead because of that chest in his room. Am I stuck forever?
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