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  1. You played Baldurs Gate and liked it, no reason u won't like PoE. look at gameplay videos if ur not sure
  2. thanks for clarifying, and i do agree with you I did all sub-quests so now basically I have nothing to do in the biggest city after such a big event occurred in the game which is a pity
  3. As the title says - are there no new quests in Defiance Bay after moving to chapter III ? no new people ? no impact of chapter II ?
  4. Right, BG2 had a stupid storytelling. Unlike GTA. For OP - I think the question is at which chapter are you ? at the transition of chapter 2 and chapter 3 I think there is an option still to pick sides. I didn't finish the game yet I just made it to act 3 but it seems so to me, and anyway, u can continue the last mile as u did, and in your 2nd play choose different options maybe
  5. With his invisible clone and name errors army !!! (the invisible animat stays even if i remove the mini from inventory. save-load fix it if hes not equiped but once equipping him again, bug comes again)
  6. Hey there Obsidian, Is there any word about working to reduce loading times for the game ? * I have only about 10 saves in my save folder (i clean it regularly) * my latest save is 4.2 mega * skyrim, witcher 2 and basically many other games load faster than this and it becomes a bit annoyance to do over time (only sims takes longer to load, which is basically why i only played the game couple of hours) * i dont have kana traps thingy so can't blame him for that! Thanks!
  7. It should say something like 20 Crush + 10 Burn = 30 Crush Damage
  8. Difficulty? Cause I'm on PotD level 10, and they're whooping my ass. So many bees BEADS ???
  9. Not sure why it triggered, but it just keeps scrolling upwards. quicksaving then quickloading didn't resolve the problem. moving to another area did!
  10. Uhm ... the humor is more ... subtle ... like in arrested development But ye I miss those goofy characters like minsc, or, if i may - Xzar.
  11. Is this really you playing ? That's so accurate, I wish I had your talent
  12. Awesome thanks FIREBALLS thats exactly what I needed ! I guess i'll move quicksave-load a bit so i'll have F1-F8, that'll suffice i think
  13. ... except that at that level, your level 1 spell (since it doesn't scale at that level) is NOT going to save your bacon at all, no matter how many times you cast it. STRONGLY disagree. My level 1 spell that reduce resistance (forgot its name) helped me defeat the adra dragon. Level 1 magic missile helps me clear off little guys from my backline. Level 1 AOE freeze is very strong even now at level 10. Fan of flame is overpowered so that one I dont even use!
  14. Instead of scaling with level you got infinite-spells at certain wizard levels, I think its pretty strong as it is, we can attack the darkness all we want
  15. In BG we could add spells to quickslots, even though it was only 3 it still helped using spells quickly with hotkeys for making combat slightly less frustrating. Is there such an option I missed in PoE ? Maybe map F1-F4 to some spells ?
  16. With too many they stop showing up .. I agree with OP about everything, those things can just make the experience playing better
  17. This is the worse poll ever. The header of this thread is "is this game good ?" and the poll is "is this game bad ?" .... way to confuse people, so you can't know who vote what for sure.... Anyway, awesome game.
  18. We're just used doing this in other games thats why the transition is difficult at first. Give it time and you'll get used to it, its there to help after all
  19. The only thing I miss is more unique weapons, like in Baldur's Gate II going to one of the first merchants he have things that cost a fortune and u'll be lucky to buy a couple in one playthrough (the merchant in the Adventurer Mart). Or even found/forged items like carsomyr+100 vs evil, Lilacor the talking greatsword, and drizzt scimitars (I didn't kill him, he tripped into my sword!) ... PoE have *some* unique attributes like faster attacking speed but they are not really *unique* thats the only thing I miss
  20. Thanks for all the suggestions, i finally did it! Started with wall of force to get her hobbled, because i noticed its very reliable way of getting her reflex saving throw even lower! My priest as suggested AOE the party with fear defense and accuracy boost, while others did an AOE scroll of accuracy and Sagani (ranger) drank some accuracy potions. She didn't do a lot damage though to be honest, but she attacks fast! As suggested, I summoned some Adra Beetle and a Drake to keep my backline at safe distance. Eder (fighter) became alcoholist from all the potions he drank. In the end of the fight he actually died but he lived long enough :-P When the adra dragon reflexes were a bit low I could use reflex-based spells more effectivly and that basically what did the "big numbers" damage; Blast of Frost (aloth) and Maelstrom (everyone with 10 lore) and later Pillar of Faith (crush damage vs reflex, priest). I think I used like 3-4 Maelstrom scrolls, 2 wall of force and 1 blast of frost (aloth could do only 3 level 5 spells at this point). I noticed Aloth Arcane Assault is also doing a decent damage! raw damage + dazed vs. reflex !!! At some point I wanted to raise the dragon resistances even more, and I noticed wizard level 1 spells can daze and reduce will against reflex which was perfect, so I did that and spammed some more reflexes allowing my priest to do massive damage with Pillar of Faith. The last spell I used was actually Noxious Burst (i needed to AOE), which hit the adra for 13 damage but killed it! So basically Aloth stole the kill from Sagani, I expect her to retaliate later on. Also as I said, no paralyse has been used during the slaying of the dragon. Cheers and thanks everyone :-D
  21. Thanks for all the suggestion, i actually didn't take into consideration increasing my casters accuracy for spells, nor did i thought about even trying getting the dragon down by shooting arrows at it! I will try that next time, hopefully it wont go as bad :D Although, I can't pre-buff, neither can I pre-use potions before battle so its pretty luck based still for the first round if Eder will get whiped or not ...
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