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  1. When equipped, Kana's Turban's +1 Intellect suppresses Drinking Horn of Moderation's +2 Intellect. As I understand things, this is the opposite of how it should work. If you have the drinking horn equipped, unequipping Kana's Turban increases your intellect by 1.
  2. I don't know if this is a bug, or what, but when charmed enemies turn hostile from being charmed, any player controlled characters that were attacking them stop attacking them. This is a very counter-intuitive, unhelpful, and annoying behavior. It would be nice if characters never stopped attacking enemies that have turned hostile from friendly.
  3. Obsidian, please add a binding to just pause the game, and not unpause it. It's super annoying to accidentally unpause an auto-pause when you're trying to pause. You have a bind for scouting on or off, so you should definitely have a button for Pause On or something.
  4. Someone else suggested something like this elsewhere to replace the weapon specialization talents: Weapon Specialization - +6 Accuracy for any 3 weapon types of your choice. Can be taken multiple times but only for new weapon types.Some names might need work: You Can Wear Medium Armor - +4 DR that stacks with armor but cannot exceed 12 DR combined, not counting magical enhancements. Please Wear Medium Armor - Constitution and Strength each grant -2% and -1% armor action speed penalty (respectively). Please Wear Light Armor - Perception and Intellect each grant -1% armor action speed pena
  5. The first idea is horrible. It is roughly equivalent to "stop playing PoE for today, but keep the window open." The second idea is very meh. The third idea, however, seems genius to me. I can imagine several different reputations which one could gain based on combat choices instead of dialogue choices. There should be a murderhobo reputation for wiping out every (or almost every) enemy you meet. This would only make sense, of course, if enemies could lose morale and run away when it was clear that they'd lost.
  6. I don't know if anyone ever complained about it, but it certainly led to some strange situations. Player is about to attack a lich. Aerie: Player, you really need to know right now that I'm angsty! I think the new system is (generally) both more realistic and more convenient.
  7. Obsidian should definitely add MP, ala Baldur's Gate 1, 2, Icewind Dale 1, 2. After they fix the major existing bugs, of course. Choosing not to include MP was a below-the-belt move for Obsidian to pull, given that they primarily billed their game as a successor to those titles which all had it out of the box. Heck, the first time I ever heard of Baldur's Gate was when my brother told me, "Have you heard about the RPG that lets six players each create their own character and play through the whole single-player campaign coop?" My response was something like, "That's awesome!" The naysayers ar
  8. Guys, most of what's being described here makes perfect sense for the rogue class. Mechanically and thematically, a ranger is just a rogue with survival skill. A rogue is just an urban ranger. This is extra true given that in PoE pickpocketing isn't a thing, and lockpicking is class independent. Even the definition of the word "rogue" makes some sense for a ranger, "an elephant or other large wild animal driven away or living apart from the herd and having savage or destructive tendencies." What rogues and rangers have in common: sneaky, good at searching for stuff, good at stalking, can u
  9. As I understand things, the real benefit of early firearms was not their effectiveness in contrast with archers, but their relative ease of use. Being a good archer required years of rigorous practice. If that's true, it would make more sense to have an archer class than a musketeer class. To balance things, bows would have to have a higher DPS than guns (and crossbows) but guns could have a really high per-shot damage. Guns would be the weapon of choice for the non-specialist.
  10. Not surprisingly, I thought the ranger was prett lack-luster. Although I don't think the ranger's in danger of winning any overpoweredness contests, I actually didn't think the ranger was too weak. The ranger is really just the pet-owner class. Other than the fact that D&D also had (and struggled with) animal companions, the class barely feels like a ranger at all. This wouldn't be a huge problem if it didn't mean that, in the end, there's almost nothing to do with the ranger in both character building and combat. In my opinion, the ranger would make more sense (and probably be a lot mo
  11. I am not sure what your point is here. Shouldn't evey class be able to win solo on Path of the Damned? I'm not bothered by the Paladin's power level. The Paladin just feels pretty bland and non-interactive in combat. Also, he makes a relatively poor tank, it seems, compared to the Fighter, which seems a little out of concept. For tanking I'd expect Paladins and Monks to be tier 1, Fighters and Barbarians to be tier 1 or 2.
  12. My PC was a Goldpact Paladin. Overall, I found the Paladin decently interesting to build and play. I liked the bonus to defenses from certain reputations. I felt that was a much nicer way to make Paladin's the "roleplay" class ala D&D without hamfisting it (like AD&D does with most things) and still allowing a wide representation of roleplaying Paladins that weren't all Lawful Good. However, I found the Paladin to be pretty boring in combat due to the low number of abilities, with a low number of uses, that were fairly niche as well and no distinguishing combat mechanics (other than a
  13. So, having thought about this a little more, this is what I think the expansion or sequel should do: Divide all areas of the game into different categories that determine the resting rules: Town: Full rest after every fight. Wilderness/Monster Den: Full rest after every fight. Here the goal would be to make every encounter require all your resources. Dungeon: Limited rests, but you can leave at any point, with all the experience and loot you've acquired. However, leaving respawns the dungeon. The goal would be to make a "how low can you go?" experience where going deeper gets you bet
  14. Most people at least try to convince themselves and other's that they're good, even if they aren't really. It sounds to me like NPC companions are managing to fool you, OP, at least.
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