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  1. Du sidder simpelthen en Onsdag nat og pimper Rom og cola? :D Haha, anyway, jeg har også spillet i omkring en 22 timers tid, og det er fandme et fantastisk spil, selvom der er nogle få elementer der irriterer mig
  2. I haven't had time to complete PoE yet, however i'm still excited to progress further into the game as it's still captivating, however I came to realize after a short amount of time (22 hours of playtime), that the variety of weapons is kinda dull, and i would have loved for a bigger variety of weapons despite keeping the same model of a weapon, and then only change the name and stats. While this is not an extremely crucial part for the game, then I would just have loved for a wider selection of both armors and weapons. What are your thoughts on this? Is the selection of weapons plentiful
  3. I get your point of view, i really do. However, even though I would be spending a lot of hours almost reliving every single quest i've done so far on my current class, then it just feels different having your main character as the role you really see fit to your playstyle, rather than just treat your main character as if it's just another mercenary in your party.
  4. Hi there, So i've been playing like at least 20 hours on my monk, which was my very first character, and i've grown weary from playing the monk class, it just doesn't appeal to me. So I thought i'd might give the Priest class a shot. Have you guys had any positive or negative experiences with playing Priest as your main class, and is there something specific I should know about it before re-rolling my main character?
  5. Dear PoE Community, I have come to love this game so very much, that i'd like to replicate the whole world of PoE in Minecraft, also create a custom modpack, which contains quests etc, Since I already got the server, I would like to see if i could find a crew who could aid me and my friend in customizing and build it. Would anyone be interested?
  6. Hi there, I can't remember the specific name of the quest, but i was to get a dragon egg in a small area, however there was no dragon egg at the area at all, i've tried to restart, reload etc, but nothing seems to change the fact. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?
  7. http://www.nexusmods.com/games/mods/searchresults/?src_order=2&src_sort=0&src_view=1&src_tab=1&src_game=852&src_language=0&page=1&pUp=1 Someone posted a link earlier in this thread that did not work properly, so i've corrected it
  8. Despite not having completed the game yet, since i've started a couple of hours ago, then i'd love to see what all skilled modders in this community will be able to come up with to prolong and tweak the game to be even better
  9. That's a pretty damn fine job you did there I'm really liking those skins!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply, and sorry for posting the second part of the thread in the wrong section, i'll look closer next time before posting But it's sad that they won't release any official mod tools, since it would be a great move from Obsidian to make sure that the game will be kept alive, oh well. Haven't completed the game yet, bought it today and played for 8 hours, but it's already becoming addicting!
  11. As a newcomer to the game, i'm absolutely positive about my first-hand experience of the game, so much to do! However, even though it's not a game changer at all, then i would have loved an increased variety of the customization possibilities as goes for the characters, mind you i'm not talking about classes etc, but the appearance of the characters. Maybe even a multiplayer part, where you would be able to do co-ops and pvp's
  12. Hi there, I've just bought this game without any prior knowledge to it, didn't even look it up, just wanted to take a big shot at it and hope for the best, and now i'm addicted to it almost. However, I was wondering if Obsidian have any intentions on implementing the workshop feature on steam, since I could see even more potential in this game than it already has - I'm completely satisfied with the purchase. I'd love to see an implementation of a system that would affect the interpersonal relations with another of the mercenaries in your party, so that the different personalities may, or
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