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  1. They will still chop it off for me and test to make sure it isn't malignant, so no more big bulging mole.
  2. Well the GP said it is benign, but they can remove it still for examination so I dont have to resort to the garlic method.
  3. Noobs will be noobs. Or I'm one of the 1% with a free Nexus account? Nah, that's unlikely. Just a case of noobs will be noobs.
  4. This reminds me of Dungeon and Dragons Online's most powerful offensive caster build - shiradi missile spamming sorcerers. Shiradi gives stances which have a 7-10% chance of inflicting status effects, debuffs, loads of damage etc on both ranged attacks and spells. Spamming magic missile and chain missile with it means loads and loads of hits and procs.
  5. IKR. Im like that. It seems very unlikely to be cancerous now though as its completely smooth, symetrical, has defined edges and no symptoms. But you just need 3 points from a checklist to get referred to a dermatologist for examination - Growing = 2 points, over 7mm = 1 point, and thats all mine has.
  6. Nope. Nope nope nope nope. Rest > all. I'm nocturnal with excessive daytime drowsiness. I cannot do mornings.
  7. You're not understanding. I could see a doctor on the same day. But I cant frigging call them at 8 am. Id have an appointment booked same day usually before 12 pm.
  8. I didnt imply that 100% of melanoma cases end up with death!
  9. Life is a game, and everyone is dealt the death card eventually. Many get dealt the cancer card prior to their death card.
  10. Well I managed to find a cancelled appointment using online booking next week and cancelled the one I had in 3 weeks time. I'll just wait till then because I'm far too nocturnal to call at 8 am.
  11. I don't see the point in a tablet because my phone already does all of what a tablet does and has a comfortable enough screen size and fits in both hands and my pocket.
  12. Ok I've gone tl bed early (10pm). Should be ok to make an appointment tomorrow.
  13. I just noticed a huge flaw with this thread ... I'm not getting paid
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