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  1. I would say that this game is good, but I think Bounty payouts should be higher so that one can buy unique items without worrying about exploring the Archipelago and the costs of maintaining your crew. 8.5 / 10 rating from me.
  2. I am glad Aloth had something like Magic Missile spell from D&D, it really helps me out in combat.
  3. Hi guys, I just completed the game today for the 1st time. I basically just used a Fighter for my main, and a Priest (Cleric), Wizard, Rogue and Cipher (Sorceror). Overall fun game, once I started having unique items and reached level 16, I just keep gibbing a lot of the enemies. Whats your 1st play through party composition?
  4. Hi guys thanks for the info. I read somewhere if you go to Ori o Końęki after dealing with the Slavers, you can get the Tip of the Spear quest which is to kill the Wahaki's Tribal leaders. If you work with Furrente and complete Tip of the Spear, does this mean you fail Fruitful Alliance Huana quest and cannot ally with the Huana?
  5. Topic, could you give me a small briefing or guide for the Principi Quest lines?
  6. Hi guys, I completed the main quest at Hasongo and I got the message to meet the Queen at Neketaka. I read somewhere that if I complete Fruitful Alliance quest I ally with the Huana. But I want to be able to ally the Principi or Royal Deadfire Company, so anyone with insight can give me advice as to what to do? Also I currently own a Voyager but want to upgrade to a Junk, so any advice how to do it, I only have 14k Copper currently? Does completing most of the quests or allying with the right faction solve my problems to get a Junk? I ask this because I read somewhere that you need a Junk supposedly or one of the special ships from your allies to complete the final main quest, is this accurate?
  7. Hi guys, I arrived at Neketaka. So what am I suppose to do now?
  8. Hi guys, I have fought 2 sea battles with Neutral Merchants and won, 1 with cannons the other by boarding, this resulted is 3 of my crew getting injured. I placed the 3 of them into the resting slots but nothing happens. I believe it is a bug, many steam users have reported this issue as well in the steam forums. I have a Surgeon on board as well. Ok it is some sort of bug. I tested a few times and managed to get my healing of crew members to work. Here is what I did: 1. I had a Cannoner, a helmsman and a cook injured. If I put all 3 into the resting slots, nothing happens. 2. I decided to put only 1 crew member into the resting slot (this means 2 of them are injured and are working under injury, which means -2 morale) 3. If I move around the sea for one day, my Cannoner starts to heal, using up some 5 medicine. 4. Then when the healing starts, I put my Helmsman he starts to heal as well after another day, taking up 10 medicine for 2 crew members in the resting slot. Obviously the work around helps, I strongly believe it is a bug, for your attention please help.
  9. Does attacking Neutral Merchant ships have any effect on your reputation or other effects on your game? Can anyone tell me where is a good hunting ground for not too high level Pirate ships? What are the basic survival techniques for The Defiance, your first ship?
  10. Are there any consequences for attacking non pirate ships? I mean merchant ships?
  11. Hi guys I completed the Stranded Quest and got my ship. Now Sailing looks a little complicated to me, could you please advice me some tips as to what to do to be a competent Captain? Also, how do I make landfall? Take for example Island Maje, how do I get on land again from my ship?
  12. I have been through the whole Engwithan Digsite and did not encounter any skeletal mage, I think you are talking about the Engwithan Digsite which is part of the Stranded Quest for Port Maje?
  13. Does Aloth have any Wizard Sub-classes? My main character is a Fighter, basically I am trying to maximise Aloth's leveling up.
  14. You can respec at any tavern. It is the rolling dice icon, called "retrain" in game. To add on to the Grimoire thing, basically each Grimoire has two spells in it per level. Your character can also learn various spells. So ideally what you do is choose a Grimoire that has different spells than the ones you choose to learn for that level. This way you maximize the number of spells you can access per spell level. It is also handy to keep multiple Grimoires around in case you find battles you need to approach differently, because with multiple Grimoires you can change a chunk of your spell selection on the fly. Thank for your help, as I have not yet experimented with buying a Grimoire I do not quite fully understand what you are saying. What happens when you level up for a Wizard: 1. You get to select new spells from the Grimoire in your characters inventory slot and can only learn up to the number of spell learning points given for a certain level? Say for example I am level 4 I am level to level 5, what exactly happens for your Wizards selection of spells? 2. Once you select the spells you want from 1 Grimoire, what happens if you switch to another Grimoire semi-permenantly? Do you get to reselect what spells your wizard have currently or is it randomly selected? Thanks for the help guys, I am new player so I am trying to get as much info as possible. I was hoping maybe someone had an in depth FAQ or video or something to help new players out, thanks.
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