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  1. It's optimized for using high aspd in real time, thus won't work in turn based mode There is no such thing as ineffective monk multiclass
  2. It depends what do you want to do with bombs. They're useless on dealing damage, but can be decent as utility tools for some classes. I think, tactican/trickster would benefit the most. Put some points in Res, high dex/int/per, 10 mig with buffs and eq(sneak atk and deathblows gives all you need in terms of dmg), grab wotep (offensive parry + mule kick in cone), nomad brig for mobility. Mirrored image, refreshing defence, and unbending are enough for tanking and riposte. Cinder bomb apply blind and interrupt vs reflex, sparkcrackers - distracted vs will, and implosion charge for grouping mobs.
  3. I'm not disappointed at all . I was testing it roughly with character sheet tooltips and the numbers seemed suitable
  4. They multiply, i believe. 50% + 30% reduction is not 80%, but 0.5duration*0.7duration=0.35, so 65% reduction. Each subsequent effect have lower impact.
  5. Chanter doesn't need brilliant (tactician), because he regenerates resources anyway. On the other way, tactician won't benefit much from summons if you can't control them. Theese should be used as distraction/meat shields and have tendency, to get flanked. You can resummon them in other place, but it's kinda waste of phrases. Herald would be better if you want meele chanter multiclass. I, personally, prefer chanter/ranger as summon oriented build - pet+summons tanking on frontline, and watcher sniping from back row. Alternative for tactican/chanter is tactican/priest of wael. He can
  6. Not only fighter/wizard. Trickster or Priest of Wael can do the same with Offensive Parry and, instead of fighter, you can dual it with paladin. Or actually any class if forcing disengagement attacks with Nomad's Brigandine, but then parrying and casting simultaneously is impossible.
  7. Because? With fire in the hole and axe modal + carnage dps is above decent, melee enemies clustered in one place without need of wall corner, so one can easily CC them. Driving roar have better rage economy vs dmg potential, but in that case it doesn't matter. Besides that, my point was restoring 3 resource instantly, with minimal recovery, would create the same problem with martials, that is with casters already - infinite spam of high pl abilities
  8. Why not both? Cast disintegrate on enemies and then poke, poke, poke. With time parasite it's matter of seconds, to cast disintegrate on all enemies. BTW i called inner death, because WotW is already OP. 40-80 base dmg + bonuses + lashes + 300% on crit - if spammable, it would be like Mike Tyson of Deadfire Archipelago Driving roar every 6s now < HoF every ~2s after ancient memory tweak (even without combusting wounds and avenging storm) and the more enemies, the better it gets. As for casters - does it mean 3 random PL or 3 highest empty spell slots? Anyway,
  9. Tweaks always lead to some benefit. It doesn't change much from before, I think, except for 2 people parties, since Ascendant can currently switch party members. It moves cipher to close to ancient memory casting slave imo and some martial classes gets huge adventage. With classic brilliant, barbarian can use heart of fury 2x/encounter and then every next time per 24sec (excluding blood surge). Now he can spam it as long, as ascended goes on. Similar with rangers whirling strikes and monks inner death. Yes, that was my initial intention, I admit. But I had to face
  10. So ascendant with time parasite can restore complete resource pool MUCH faster than current brilliant? I think, you could leave regenerating effect for brilliant, but change it to restore one spell of random PL. e.g. (1-3), (4-6), (7-9) or (1,4,7), (2,5,8), (3,6,9). In addition block repeating the same tier, if it was restored before, or make them cycle. This forces caster to use different spells and keeps regen effect rather balanced
  11. We don't want infinite loop of Brilliant/SoT, or prebuffing to oblivion in solo and it works. If somebody wants to abuse game mechanics, it is possible no mater what you do. Instead using two priests one can spam Ancestors Memory and reaply every effect. There was some better and some worse solutions, but i wouldn't say they are all bad 0:2,5
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