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  1. FF ability is using your fist as a weapon, and targets only one foe always. But if it proc additional attacks with Swift flurry or HBD, the following hits will be used with your main hand weapon. For example, if you put battle axe with modal and tuotillo hand as weapons, and use Ffist, then first hit will be with fist (with PL scalling and tuotillo bonus), and every other will apply bleeding cuts with axe, but your recovery won't be affected by axe modal. Community patch only changes FF to be tagged as melee ability instead of "spell like"
  2. Ghost hearth/ascendant (or beguiller, if one wants to avoid ascend/not ascend stages) is quite good with st omaku or veilpiercer bow. It have one of the best crit chance, so recovery skip happens frequently and fills focus nice (not as nice as thunderous report, but its 1/encounter). Just shower enemies with arrows, ascend, hit takedown combo with dots or some CC and repeat when "descend". Engagement immune pet can quickly jump in, takedown enemy and retreat safely, so there is no need for any pet abilities.
  3. Death godlike priest have easy and safe access to racial bonus PL. Get brilliant from team cipher, cast BDD and prolong it with SoT. For RP multiclass i'd use bleak or garrote paladin with SI or bloodmage (can spam blood sacrifice without worries). Both mc also get high benefis from additional PL.
  4. Paste it in c:/user/saved games/pillars of eternity II/customaibehaviors There is no garrote, sworn rival and flagellant path, because ai can't use it right Hand of Doom (Monk Paladin) (03e2dbc5-2782-417d-90ba-cdcc3e91a513).customai
  5. I'm using AI mod from Nexus. I'll post script as soon as i get access to my computer. I remember that biggest problem with AI is that you have to turn it off to drink potion. It is visible in the video from lich cave, but i didn't knew that back then . AI is also too dumb to use sworn rival and to pick targets to kill in efficent order. Everything that can't be stopped by AR and defensive support (chanters, priests and other enemies that aim for strenghten their alies) should die first, and let live offensive support or debuffers (ciphers, wizard, creatures that CC or even rogues with their deep wounds, if they can't penetrate) as long as you can.
  6. High base damage od draining touch synergizes well with lashes and deathblows. I would use steel garrote (sucking even more hp because of weaken from touch) with eternal devotion or streetfighter, or monk (turning wheel). With monk you also get SF/HBD combo or lightning strikes for more lash and blade turning, that lasts forever when used with wall od draining. Don't forget to cast draconic fury for another lash.
  7. If you want to use draining wall, then just drink potion of the final stand. Its duration is prolonged by the wall. But it's like cheating Have you checked it on the battle log? Equipment chart doesn't counts buffs, that have conditional influence, like arcane veil. Is your reputation maxed for faith and conviction? Which pet do you use?
  8. If you cast draining touch from grimoire and then switch for another, it won't disappear after one hit, if i remember correctly. If it's oh weapon, unbroken can use it with shield
  9. Fighter/wizard with unbending trunk, wall of draining, maxed mig and some healing bonuses could do too. It should outheal any damage if you manage to survive enough time, to build high ticks. Especially unbroken with good ar and wizard buffs. Use magran belt to spawns hostile blight for better WoD. Is Draining touch one handed? If it penetrates, could be another good source of healing with grimoire switching exploit. Or, if only unbending is enough healing for first phase od the fight, when you build stacks, use voulge for shock dmg.
  10. It was some patches ago, when i tested offensive parry and i think it did't work on aoe back then. Wizard can be pretty tanky with all protecting spells, ofc as long, as isn't cleansed. Draconic fury adds 15% lash, and wizard can use expose vulnerabilities, miasma, combusting wounds, corrosive siphon, safeguard and other helpfull abilities. Wizard also frees up space to use streetfighter instead of trickster, so you can cast chillfog, to get speed buff. It's a little different playstyle, but both builds have their benefits
  11. But offensive parry is not aoe, like ordinary WotEP attacks. Spirit lance is, and have higher base damage. With one foe WotEP is better, but when you're surrounded, every riposte hits multiple enemies and may probably outperform WotEP.
  12. +blinding smoke, of course. But with twinned shot as modal, you could also use abilities like AA imbue shots. Now it's a bit limited by bond spending. Wasn't twinned arrows from poe usable only with bows? But still frostseeker or veilpiercer would get some nice addition, even with reduced acc. Don't get me wrong, i think it was cool ability, but now rangers and multiclass have many more new cool stuff. "Old cool" + "new coll" = "facemelting coll". Simple math. Do you want your face melt?
  13. Fire in the hole + driving flight + twinned shot modal + avenging storm - that would be real spanking. And stunning shots for garnish
  14. Why not both? Mele weapon with Instruments of pain works like "ranger should be ranged, but stalker is melee exception, BUT this one is still ranged" kind of. Animal companion, on PotD, will do poor damage because of penetration lack, aspd and quite low base dmg, but can be good at tanking. Or try sniper/cipher with enormous crit rate and veilpiercer, which skips recovery on crit and frostseeker for aoe damage. Rangers are not underrated for sure.
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