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  1. What do you think about this: BDD purges itself when triggered or is one-use per cast effect. Then creates barier (like Her Courage - which is actually temporary HP) for x+y*PL points for z sec, to protect character from instant death by next dmg. One still needs to react (heal or reposition), before barier will break or expire. This way one can extend BDD effect, but it's still disposable. Shield effect could be extended too, but it doesn't give immortality due to finite barier points.
  2. Yes, but the most boring one Some kind of unique mechanic for every class would be more satysfying and lore friendly, but harder to develop, indeed. It could even introduce some new build types - which is good. Bonding it to item with negative effect (-PL or reduced resource pool, or something) could balance things a bit. I really like the idea of fighter converting hit rolls to gain resources, seems very "disciplinary". As for the other classes: Bond - some kind of team maneuver with animal companion e.g chance for restoring resource if companion scores crit on enemy and the following hit roll is rangers crit (any kind - meele, ranged or spell). Guile - active ability like seal or trap, which can be placed during combat but only 5m away of nearest foe. If you successfully lure enemy onto it - gain resouce. Rage - chance when getting crit or when downgrade health tier (healthy->injured and so on), with cooldown to prevent abusing with friendly fire/HoT loop. Mortification - spend 10 wounds to get resource and injury like effect for some time. Zeal - no idea
  3. Play stupid games - win stupid prizes Let me repeat myself Was that irony or is it indeed not feasible? Not sure. Was it? Search carefully, the answer is smiling to you
  4. So every int affliction would cause crush, or just cancel inspiration and leave drugged status without any effect? Both are weird. With trinkets there's funny thing - if multiclassed, one would have to choose which class needs resource more atm and juggle them (and grimoires, if multi with wizard). @"debate"above - too bad, that it's apparently not feasible to include any way of regenerating in separate file, for those who like it
  5. So what about trinkets? Maybe items with resource regeneration effects would be better choice, than modifying abilities?
  6. It seems more like psychic equivalent of rogue's retaliation, so maybe %chance to trigger on every roll vs will, but without delay? Damage could scale with ciper's defence for 0.xx*will, so harder to hit cipher would backlash for more dmg. E.g. 100 will*0.25->25 base raw dmg modified further by might, captains banquet etc. Is that even possible?
  7. @BoeroerCan it produce multiple phrases at once if Her Revenge kills more than one enemy? Or it's capped like skald passive?
  8. Berserker (or Furyshaper) fits the theme of enraged priest of war goddes and is fun to play. Grab Magran's Favour and Sun&Moon, throw frenzy for additional might and pen, then drop the fire from the sky (Storm of Holy Fire and Shining Beacon can trigger Blood Thirst multiple times, which can be used for buffs or Pillar of Holy Fire - for even more Blood Thirst). Against fire immune enemies it's viable melee combatant. Ofc monk is better at everything, as always
  9. Priest of wael / beckoner is VERY party friendly as tank/summoner/support. With dumped might and per - focus only on buffing and healing (which doesn't require any ACC, so heavy shield is welcome), while summoned meatshields hold enemies thanks to The Sliver Knights Shields... They can also apply CC and do some dmg Celebrant itself can be excelent tank too, because of wael spells and many engagement slots from eq and Champion's Boon
  10. It's another possibility not a coercion, and if someone want to cheat make game more flexible - console is usualy the easiest way Casting time of summoning weapon can be simulate by switching recovery
  11. There's no need to mess with ability tree. You can spawn every summoned weapon as item with console command "giveitem <item_name>". Name for Black Bow is Caedebalds_Blackbow_Weapon
  12. @dgray62It is possible to trigger blade cascade and some other equipment abilities outside of combat or only in combat, but they won't get erased after combat ends (try shroud of the phantasm and least unstable coil for brilliant). Strand of favor affects actual, not base effect duration, so one can extend it endlessly, by puting SoF on and of a dozen times. Unfortunately it won't work with Nemnok cloack. No, only one conversion at a time and one can't reach 100% by stacking. It's good to have, but i find high acc much more reliable.
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