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  1. Hmm, thanks - interesting... I think the helwalker/priest seems more diverse and fun to keep alive close the front lines. I'll try this build with 10 con and res, high DEX, PER and INT and the rest in might, seems a bit fragile, but not sure what else can be sacrificed at this point.
  2. @Boeroer I also remember in one of your posts you mentioned that a zealot of Berath (+streetfighter) would be a more interesting melee option than a cleric of Berath (+devoted). Somehow I can't find the build you recommended, but you did have some advice on maintaining high dps with zealot... I guess the cleric option would have much more survivability, but would a streetfighter+priest outperform helwalker+priest in melee? Helwalkers get all the goodies you described earlier, but with streetfighter you also get ridiculous speed.
  3. Would this combo need much dex at all? Probably makes sense to not dump (and maybe invest in) resolve for melee, but would it be ok to keep dex at 10 since we already have slow recovery with heavy armor?
  4. Thanks for tons of great ideas as always, @Boeroer! Now that I'm thinking about it, I like the concept of Steel Garrote/Trickster... Is the damage (and I guess persistent distraction for the extra drain) that good to forego the spellcasting?
  5. Thanks, this looks really interesting! I guess, getting all the cipher buffs (borrowed instinct, psychovampiric shield) to raise deflection, then - melee? Does riposte generate focus as well?
  6. Hello! I'd like to build a tanky caster, preferrably an arcane knight, but not sure how to proceed... I was thinking to multiclass with steel garrote to regain health via riposte using the WotEP. I guess blood mage would be a more sustainable combo, than a regular wizard and the ripostes should provide lots of hp back in theory... On the other hand, maybe druid/shieldbearer(?) would be more fun with all the lightning spells? I am also very confused about stats - it seems like riposte arcane knight need pretty much everything and resolve should be pretty high... Does anyone have advice how to b
  7. Thanks, sounds interesting! What would attributes look like for this build? I assume this char would be just for chants and spells, no melee, right?
  8. Thanks a lot, this looks like a fantastic build! I am very inclined to try it. Maybe I will start the run with a singleclass priest and restart with a helwalker/priest approach if I don't like it. Really want to get to those high level abilities...
  9. Thank you all for the very helpful advice! Having read your comments, I am deciding between a SC priest of magran or helwalker + magran. I really like the roleplay potential of a magran/helwalker with a fiery mortar and magran's favor, but I'm a bit worried about all the extra damage helwalker would receive if I dare to melee with this char. I guess also that would mean no resolve/con dumping. I also feel like losing magran's might and the symbol will cripple the nuking capability of the priest. Hmm..decisions, decisions.
  10. Hi all, Thinking about a second playthrough I decided to give priest a try as a class that I completely ignored earlier and frankly don't know much about. Ideally I would like to build this character as a nuker with debuff and support spells here and there. Have been thinking about priest of magran (for the fire spell nukes), possibly multiclassing with an evoker (as echo spell also works for priest spells with evocation keyword AFAIK). Another option is the priest of berath, but I am not sure if I am sold on the unique spells this priest gets. Alternatively, if priests don't make good nuke
  11. Thanks @Haplok, @Boeroer - this is extremely helpful! So, following this logic if (in theory) I go invisible between "ticks" of chill fog the assasinate bonus would be applied for each tick, since every tick is a new attack roll? Fun
  12. Just had an interesting observation while trying out the assassin/BM build. Apparently DOT from active chill fog breaks invisibility from Smoke Veil. I checked with @thelee FAQ, and he states that Smoke Veil invis shouldn't be stopped by already active DOTs. Could this be a bug? The invis is breaking very consistently.
  13. @Haplok @thelee@Boeroer Thanks a lot for your super helpful replies!!! assassin/blood mage looks pretty awesome, but what would be the right balance between might and con? If I get low might (say 10), would it seriously hurt it’s stealth nuking ability? I’ve been planning to get about 12 con for blood sacrifice , but not sure if that would be enough with higher might. I’ve also decided to go RTwP instead of turn based, but I think microing a stealthy wizard sounds fun. I’m just completely lost when thinking about the stats... On the other hand pally(shieldbearer?? For lay on hands
  14. Hi everyone! I'm finally starting my first playthrough of POE II (with full party, planning to go with Veteran mode) and thinking about creating a CC-focused caster (with some nuking sprinkled in). Will be playing turn-based. After looking through multiple forum posts here I'm leaning towards trying out a blood mage/priest and even found this amazing FAQ with a Wael Thaumaturge build, written by @thelee as far as I understand: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/case-study-2-deadfire-lich I also sort of like the idea of cipher/rogue.
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