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  1. IMO, Swashbuckler or Marauder with rapier/sabre in one hand and a pistol in the other. Skill-wise makes sense to focus on bluff and maybe stealth or athletics. Get the fair favor hat and never take it off
  2. Hmm, so maybe something like 10 CON 15MIG DEX PER and INT and 20 RES with BB bonuses? I am also now thinking whether FF/ascendant would be really in the spirit of a fast rapier fencer. The class combo definitely sounds fantastic, but, for example, nalpazca/ascendant would be more of a fast, critting character, darting around the battlefield, while for FF the main point would be to abuse the forbidden fist and not so much in using the wound abilities. Also, missing the FF attacks is a bummer, so seems like it would be good to bump per for this char as well, but not much room left after maxing r
  3. Amazing! Ok, I was getting ready to take the high road with nalpazca, but now I just have to give it a try and roll forbidden fist / ascendant. Just need to figure out the stats on this one...
  4. Helwalker/devoted sounds pretty neat, the only downside (for me) is not getting as much use out of the seeker's fang...
  5. Just realized that forbidden fist lowers fortitude which is asking for a good combo with disintegrate... Damn, I'm almost sold on this one
  6. Somehow it seems to be a bit of a dysergy to use ascendant (who wants very high int to extend ascended on himself) and forbidden fist who doesn't want too much int. Maybe it would be awesome if I just roll a character and play it, but when theorycrafting I am not sure how I would use it best.. Maybe if going sky high resolve (+ items and the food bonus) it doesn't matter how high the int is... What would you suggest for the other stats in this build? I might also try going with nalpazca/ascendant, I guess it should be easy to hoard drugs and maxing alchemy increases the effect duration...
  7. Thanks a lot for very helpful tips! I have to say the monk/cipher multiclass is the MC that's most interesting to me at the moment, although maybe trickster/cipher would be (potentially) stronger? Monk/trickster also sounds nice, but as @haplok said I would really like capitalize on the awesomeness of the seeker's fang (I know it's a late-game weapon, but I also like to have something to look forward to in the later stages of the game). I have also been thinking about soulblade as a cipher subclass - but I've never used it and I've seen comments from cipher-users here that with the soulblade i
  8. I do a bit of HEMA irl, and something I would love to roleplay here is a character that would use a rapier and dagger, focusing on riposte attacks. Unfortunately there are no riposte animations in this game, which makes sense due to its inner mechanics, but a bit disappointing for the flair of this character... As for terrified - I rolled a paladin/bloodmage earied who focused on buffing, Ryngrim's RV and spirit lance, and something I've noticed was that terrified enemies just sort of cower and do not flee as often as I expected. It was actually convenient for the arcane knight, since I could
  9. Thanks! I was thinking that Ascendant/Devoted would be a very cool character to roll RP-wise as a rapier-fencer and fighter abilities would add much needed survivability. The only thing I am a bit concerned with this setup is that the character will not have the option to switch weapon in case of pierce immunity. Since I'm going to be running with companions this should not be that bad, yet I am wondering if devoted with a rapier would be too crippling (since I won't be able to gain enough focus against pierce resistances to do anything on the ascendant side of things)?
  10. Hi all! I would like to build a character that mainly focuses on using rapiers (although potentially could switch to a secondary weapon if needed to mitigate the common pierce immunity). I was thinking that one handed focus would be good to get crits more often, but dual wielding for higher attack speed could also be nice (with a stiletto or sabre in the off-hand). So far I have been thinking about monk/skald or monk/devoted, potentially taking helwalker when MC with skald for high dmg chants and shattered pillar with devoted (I play with the community patch which gets rid of the 5 wound li
  11. Thanks a lot @Boeroer! I typically don't like using barbarian that much, but maybe worth giving it a go this time... Or maybe helwalker/skald would perform well in a similar role, but with more focus on damaging invocations?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion - Skald seems great with reduced cost for offensive invocations & the crit synergy! Which phrases did you use on this character?
  13. Thanks! I completely forgot that blightheart binds with a chanter class. Bellower/assassin or /helwalker seem pretty interesting for strong invocations, albeit a bit squishy - to be honest I haven't thought of a ranged chanter, but both of these MCs seem well-suited for that role. Is it diffuclt to work around the short range for bellower's chants for a ranged chanter?
  14. Hi! I've been thinking about rolling a chanter for another playthrough and was wondering, what would be the most interesting way to create a more "active" chanter, that uses damage invocations and is pretty good in melee. I have a feeling that it is possible to do both via MC with a Bellower & use empowers via sasha's scimitar, but the linger from Troubadour seems nice as well. I only used Pallegina as a Herald before, and she's been great as support but what I have in my mind is a character that is studry and can dish out great damage via invocations and melee, but CAN switch to support c
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