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  1. @Elric Galad I guess we can't use 1% HP instead of 5% right? imo 25% would be too much, also a Death Godlike would like to sit below 25% but above this BDD %, so that it only triggers when really necessary. I would then suggest, when you receive dmg under this 1% or 5% HP, you receive a brief fixed-time immortality (Prevent Death) that cannot be extended by SoT, etc (like the mod discussed for Brilliant in the other thread)? So 2 effects: - Effect1 that is extendable and just waits for this HP % to be reached to trigger Effect2 and remove itself - Effect2 that is no
  2. That's great news (not dying if you go from 6% to 0 in 1 hit). I am wondering, could 1% be used instead of 5%? If so I think it would emulate the 1 HP condition well enough, as 1% of a typical health pool of say 400 HP would be 4HP. I really like it, good idea it keeps BDD in its separate niche. Giving BDD healing effects would wrongly make it a healing competitor (plus the shield idea suits perfectly the Death Godlike). About the 2nd question, I am playing a Troubadour/Bloodmage and "Her Courage" blocks 10 pts of Blood Sacrifice damage
  3. I personally would also prefer a tweak where BDD is no longer exploitable and only apply penalties when your HP goes to 0 but not if it doesn´t. Perhaps in line with @Boeroer suggestion and @Elric Galad Proposal3, a one-time effect that heals to 50% HP and have a 50% chance to get a wound? Wouldn't 100% HP be too much? Good point about thecnical feasibility. Few questions come to mind: How does BDD technically achieve its immortality effect then? are its conditions/code not readable/reusable for modding? Also "when taking damages under 5% health" does it mean that if you
  4. I like it! Simple but making the resource management interesting in a no-rest playthough Would X be high like 6-10? Otherwise if it is like 3 it might be too much. I see another potential issue when Berath Challenge is off and you repeatedly engage then scape within the same encounter, making it count as several encounters? Not sure if you would like it, a bit of a crazy idea, but an alternative could be that once per the combat you have to achieve something extremely difficult to get it (but it must also not be trivializable or tedious). Combat games like Street Fighter comes to mind, w
  5. Hi guys, I thought I could write a separate post to make this suggestion. Not sure you will like it but I hope it sounds interesting to you as it does to me. Thinking about wounds, I have been wondering ... What if BDD was reworked in a way that you still survive if your HP reaches 0 but every time this happens you get a wound (the one corresponding to the attack that was lethal) and if it is the 4th wound you die instead? To avoid getting 4 wounds too quickly and instadie with sth silly like Minoletta Minor Missiles, every time your HP reaches 0, BDD could either reset your HP
  6. I was thinking that could be the case but I was not sure, if so then it sounds superb to me
  7. If only Fatigue was used for this, I am wondering ... if you drink a 2nd Potion of Enlightenment are you not penalised because you already have Fatigue from the 1st one? Or should it become worse, what would be your opinion?
  8. About the Potion of Enlightment, I thought about a possible change today: Would people like it if the potion gave a random wound as a drawback? This would force people to use Adra Potions together with this Potion of Enlightenment (not sure how big of a functional change it could be). There could be times where you would rather wait until the 2nd or 3rd wound before using the Adra Potion to cleanse them (which may be risky if the enemies can inflict wounds), but other times where the 1st wound you get is awful for your build so you immediately use an Adra Potion. Thematically on
  9. Thanks for looking it up Noqn, please find below the final translation ("Luminar" in spanish means a virtuous person, didn't know it, nice)
  10. Ahh, that explains it. I don't have PoE 1 unfortunately But if it is in the bestiary then maybe any of you who have PoE1 could find its translation by accessing the spanish version of the bestiary?
  11. In spanish: "Destilado a partir de los cerebros disueltos de Iluminados Vithrack e infundido con la esencia implacable de un Anímata de adra, este brebaje llena al usuario con conocimientos maravillosos y perseverancia inagotable." Sorry I couldn't find what "Luminaries" means, is it a specific type of enemy in PoE? otherwise what synonyms does it have? "celebrity" perhaps?
  12. My personal opinion is that I would love the idea of getting a few ticks of Brilliant (or resource regeneration in general) every time I achieve something difficult, which I really really have to work for, and thematic / core for the class. But this is just my dreamed implementation (easy to say but hard to implement I know), I obviously don't imply that this is how it should be modded, what you guys have achieved is already incredible. For example, I wonder whether it could be interesting to make Tactician only regenerate resources every time he is not flanked but he just interrupts an a
  13. Kudos to you guys, I think this sequential tier3-tier6-tier9 brilliant is a great idea. 2 questions though: - Is it like Blood-Sacrifice that for tier3 you regain 1 spell from lvls 1-3 giving priority to lvl3, for tier6 you regain 1 from lvls4-6, etc? - And if e.g. you have all your spells refilled in tier9 and you get a tier9 brilliant tick do you get a spell from the tiers below e.g. tier6? Perhaps a couple of suggestions, which aren't necessarily compatible with each other and which can be left for later when you finetune it if too underpowered: - make it every 3s instead of
  14. Thanks! I only had to cast Slicken on top of her in the bottom right entrance of the area, then run to Belranga. In all my attempts she barely moved from there, I think because there is a burrow nearby that spawns a spiderling immediately. So I eventually decided to replace my Withdraw scrolls with something more useful
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