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  1. Thanks! I only had to cast Slicken on top of her in the bottom right entrance of the area, then run to Belranga. In all my attempts she barely moved from there, I think because there is a burrow nearby that spawns a spiderling immediately. So I eventually decided to replace my Withdraw scrolls with something more useful
  2. Hi everyone, After abandoning it for some months I wanted to celebrate I recently came back and managed to solo defeat Belranga, with all Magran Fires on except Eothas & Wael (luckily she got Hardened & her spiderlings got Prowling). Such a challenge and awesome experience! My character is a Troubadour/Bloodmage. Normally Animated Weapons carry the fight with their dmg while I CC the enemies and the skeletons soak the damage, but Belranga's armor is too high and it eventually does too much AOE dmg too fast. I had to try so many approaches which I wanted to share, it made it s
  3. Thanks for the info TheLee! Glad I gave up killing her first! True you can't deaggro the sigils, I experienced it myself, tried Arkemyr's Departure but even if you are very far away when you become visible again they will attack you as long as they are active. This works if the active sigil(s) deactivate(s) and then you become visible while far away from Auranic though.
  4. True! I would have needed Resolve Immunity in order to use Death Ring when she is near death due to the terrify sigil being always active. So after killing her, would I have had to kill the 5 sigils simultaneously? don't they deactivate after she dies? Wow that is very weird. On the one hand it prevents the player from ignoring the sigils which may be cool, but on the other hand it makes these spells much less useful as to me their main use is finishing sturdy enemies like this one. I would surely have felt cheated on if I had tried it. Hold on, maybe I didn't get it. Do yo
  5. Jesus! I am doing a solo Bloodmage/Troubadour run with most Challenges enabled and so far the water dragon and Concelhault have been easy, but this one ... took me a while to figure it out! I enjoyed it. Surely someone found a faster way but getting my ass kicked was refreshing and welcome. I had no Captain's Blanket, so I had to resort to Sandals of the Water Lily, Rekvu's Stained Grasps, and Evee to resist the sigils' hard CC. First I attempted to make my animated weapons kill her slowly while I remained invisible via Arkemyr's Departure, for which I found Cap of the Laughingstock
  6. That explains (kind of) how in this run unlike the previous Hylea's Boon & Adra Potion are stacking. I wonder how exactly you have to save & reload to trigger it (so that I don't do it next time). Or maybe this makes me consider trying The Ultimate...
  7. I meant I wouldn't be able to get Certain Mutiny and Brilliant at the same time. I am assuming Certain Mutiny procs and lasts for as long as an ally is Dominated. Would I lose Certain Mutiny as soon as I swap to Modwyr? or does Certain Mutiny have a fixed duration and continue even if the ally is no longer Dominated? Edit: I was wondering whether I would be able to get Energetic, Intuitive & Brilliant (and Swift). Those 3 could combo very well: Long Night's / Thick Grew could crit most enemies every 3s, hence interrupting them, and so could Chill Fog (Fortitude), Fre
  8. Yep I am running a troubadour / bloodmage. Those are great ideas, thank you. Damn it I will have to find again room for more abilities The downside would be that I could not have Brilliant at the same time
  9. On a second thought, for my wizard/chanter solo run, provided I find a way to have DEX immunity (which could let me abuse Swift against melee enemies via DAoM or Squid's Grasp) and RES immunity... I think I could also benefit from the Confused portion of Arkemyr's Mercurial Madness, because I could then lifeleech the 4-5 "Many Lives Pass By" skellies via Corrosive Siphon (at lvl20 I normally underpenetrate enemies with it). Also once confused, I could extend it endlessly via the Confusion spell. Maybe also self-apply Combusting Wounds + Rekvu's Scorched Cloak ?
  10. At least it is possible. I wonder now how long it lasts. I was specifically thinking of my solo wizard run and trying to extend it via WoD. Int resistance is OK as it would downgrade Dominated to Charmed? Or if you charm yourself you are not able to use abilities, only autoattack? Very interesting nevertheless, thank you for it!
  11. For a solo wizard, what about Bekarna's Mercurial Madness on yourself? Couldn't try since I didn't get that grimoire yet, but it says "target", not "foe" so I was wondering if you can cast it on yourself.
  12. That was very well explained indeed, thank you very much Boeroer I guess it makes sense because otherwise the multiplier would get massive (it makes me sad too!). My impression is then it is as if both the fist and the sneak-attack scaling are the same kind of "weapon base dmg rescaling" and therefore additive with each other. Nice to hear it, I was thinking exactly about this combo, with rogue´s & Tuottilo´s riposte, and death godlike, surviving at 1/4HP thanks to its high deflection Edit: damn it, got another one. Does the FF
  13. Hello, I have been reading this forum and playing Deadfire for a long time. Really enjoy both Not sure if this has been discussed before. I realised I don´t know how exactly the dmg formula of a monk/rogue multiclass sneak-attacking with fists would be (specially in terms of PL scaling). I am very curious about it since both are said to scale well with it. I have a few guesses based on TheLee´s guide and PL Compilation Thread, but I wanted to ask you guys if you knew about it. https://www.neoseeker.com/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/3036464-walkthrough.html#Monk http
  14. Hi everyone, I know this is perhaps too late, but maybe for next game this could be a good strategy to allow both modes to co-exist. I had an idea inspired by reading other interesting suggestions about TB tweaks to make DEX valuable. Rationale: - On the one hand, I can imagine a pure time-based system could be too chaotic in the sense of sequence of turns being very different and unpredictable each round. - On the other hand, I think devs consider a set order more desirable, so that it is more tactical and tracktable. - However, I think both could be merged by imposing
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