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  1. well, one thing I AM finding, by dropping the venserian system of magic, casters, are suddenly gaining way more sustain, i think (?) i need to delve into the manual to figure it out, but it seems classes (even my beloved rogue) have power source points or something ... mine are called "guile" i think they regenerate in battle, somehow? i'm not really sure. but im watching the wizard AI mow down enemies every fight now so you say no spells were removed going from poe1 to poe 2? ok. my bad. it seems like they were. i remember you get like 10 spells per level as a priest, and it didnt
  2. I can sort of understand it - you got a ton of spells at level up in POE 1 and only ended up using 2-3 of them per level. But I'm not sure I can agree with the decision - it seems to detract from the coolness and d&d ness of the game. From an assets and game profit and money perspective I can understand it also, because it means they have to spend less money doing the programming assets and art for spells that will be rarely used Im hoping modders will be able to add the old system back in Current system feels too much like its geared for newbies that 'get confused' with too much c
  3. My character is a level 1 wood elf assassin rogue. the weapon cannot be wielded in primary hand, even in a 1 weapon configuration. The weapon is 1 handed Additional information: my character can wield vanilla sabers in 1, both, hands, off or regular
  4. it indeed worked. I did a full uninstall, reinstall. now stuck trying to import my poe 1 game.
  5. I am having the same problem as this poster. I played pillars of eternity on a different PC that I am putting to rest. I have a complete copy of the save game folder. It will not recognize my gamecomplete file . one poster suggested rebooting after copying the gamecomplete file to that folder. didnt work. nothing works. please help.
  6. BUG #1 : the pre-load never finished to a load, same error as many forum goers had, just sits there endlessly at 0 kb/s . so I am wasiting more time now by uninstalling and reinstalling. NICE
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