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  1. My Cipher is stuck at 30 out of 120 Focus. I am unable to cast spell levels 3 thru 5. I tried resting and it doesn't help. Is there a way to regain focus? Is there an item that a Cipher carries to maintain Focus? Or is this a bug?
  2. If you go to the digsite, pause the game before clicking on a burnt body, click on it to get money, then notice that you get a hand (or glove) symbol at the spot where you last clicked. You can keep clicking the spot over and over to get unlimited amount of money. I stopped at 10,000 because I didn't want to totally spoil the game.
  3. Ok, I have 20 copies of the pet Frau Nils. I took a screenshot of it to prove the bug is real but I don't know how to send it to you. I might be able to do a video with windows game bar but how would I send the video to you?
  4. It's not a vendor, it's any one click item on the ground. It works when the game is paused. I'll try to send you a video of it this weekend. I am very surprised that no one has discovered or reported this before. Just yesterday, I got like 20 copies of a pet I found. The other day I raked in about 10,000 coins from reclicking statues that gave out coins. The object that I'm clicking may disappear after the first click but by returning the mouse cursor to the same spot, the cursor turns back into the hand symbol which lets me click again to gain another copy of whatever was there.
  5. Apparently my copy of the game I purchased off Steam has a major bug in which I can get an unlimited amount of any item that can be gotten with one click if the game is paused. I just walk up to any clickable item, pause the game and it lets you have any number of mouse clicks for any number copies of that item. Surely I can't be the only one experiencing this issue. This is a game breaking bug. Once it's fixed, I'll have to restart the game from the beginning and consider my first time through a tutorial.
  6. Sometimes when the game is paused, I can get unlimited coins by reclicking the same spot over and over again. I'd say this was a game breaking bug.
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