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  1. X-com, AC 3, Planetside 2, Kingdoms of Amalur and dishonored were the best games I played this year.
  2. I don't like paladins. For me it's just a weird cleric+fighter mix. I'd be happy if PE didn't include paladins. Priests already use heavy armor so what's the point in paladin?
  3. Well we have the adventurers hall where you can hire a custom made NPC so there you go.
  4. So what about gore? How much gore do you think is appropriate within the game's setting and general feel? Would you like mages tearing apart enemies with their brutal spells or fighters slice stupid goblins in half? Or do you think the game should be more reserved with gore and include only bare minimum? Personally, I'd prefer a balanced gore with visible blood stains on the terrain under enemies corpses and blood on character models (it just feels more real as if you killed a real monster or a person and not a doll). I dont like dismemberment in modern games too much. For me, it's a cheesy way to look like "M for Mature". Fallout 3 suffered from this in my opinion. Fallout 2 on the other hand had the best gore from the aestethic standpoint. It was striking, brutal and real. What do you think? PS Best gore in video-game award goes to....
  5. its funny how many weird fantasies people want to experience in RPGs
  6. While wizards deal with all sorts of elemental and arcane magic, ciphers would use more subtle approaches in order it dispatch their foes. I expect ciphers to use spells like mind blast, charm, paralyze, illusions, phantoms, fear, blink, soul siphon (drains health), spell breaks, madness, confusion and the like. It will gently distinguish wizards as direct matter manipulators and ciphers as soul twisting masters.
  7. Strong poses for abilities. No scholar robes for wizards.
  8. Props to Mr. Avellone. Arcanum is like a wife, you hate her and you love her.
  9. I'm playing kingdoms of Amalur right now and I find it awesome for an action RPG, the combat feels very satisfying. Playing for the first time on hard really makes this for me
  10. yeah, populating your stronghold with NPC craftsmen will not only give you a reason to return to that place but also prevent the stronghold from being a ghost town. I really want to return to my home to chat with NPCs, check equipment, store some items, craft a thing or two, get a mini quest. It adds a lot of roleplaying value.
  11. If PE has potions, Id like them to be cooldown-based utility consumables. No healing and mana potions please!
  12. Like I said before, I believe crafting should be done exclusively by NPC craftsmen, people you encounter in the world who are professionals in their business. They can manage your needs while you are on a dungeon diving rampage.
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