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Found 22 results

  1. Just a small gripe, but I noticed with bugs like Lawn Mites, if you interrupt their attack animation where they jump into the air, they just reset to be back on the ground in front of you. It's a little jarring, and if you added a new behaviour where they get knocked back a bit instead, they could do a forward launching attack again, which would make them a bit more difficult/interesting to fight. Just my thoughts; I would love to hear what other people think, too.
  2. Cloaks have no physics or animation and just floats behind my characters. It's really ugly and awkward. I have the newest version of the game 1.0.3 530, including the hotfix. Specs: Processor: intel i5 2500k 4.5 ghz Ram: 16gb Graphic card: zodiac Nvidia gtx 970 with newest driver 350.12 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Here are some images of how the bug looks like looks like: Btw, it's a great game, enjoying it a lot, except for this bug
  3. I've noticed that there is an animation error with war bows. It happened to me equipping Saint Omaku's Mercy to Maia, as show in the pictures. After a combat end an arrow stays suspended in air.
  4. As you can see on image below, the small shields have a clipping issue on a female characters. This is, for example, a Pallegina with Outworn Buckler (Paladin only). You may notice that shield looking bad even without armor (second picture). So, please, change position for small shields just like for medium shields (third picture) for female characters.
  5. When humanoids wield an arquebus, their left hand isn't really touching it. The issue is very similar to the one occurring with a pollaxe (link). SCREENSHOT: link SAVED GAME: link REPRO STEPS: Load the attached saved game. Observe that Grieving Mother is equipped with an arquebus. Enter the door in front of the party. Skip through the dialog until combat ensues and everyone enters their combat stance. Zoom in and observe that Grieving Mother's left hand isn't really touching the arquebus; rather, her whole arm is above it.
  6. Hi, i have a only a question i saw new videos with pillars gameplay, but i noticed that the trees and grass are static. I dont see anywhere a answer. The developers will put animations in some trees and grass or will stay static? Thanks
  7. For some time now, I've been a little bit bothered by the positioning of the head on female1 elves, humans, and aumauauaua. It strikes me as a little too far forward, with the neck angled a little oddly - but at the same time, I've felt like this isn't quite on target. What I've finally realized is that the issue doesn't lie in the neck or head at all, but in the knees and the arch of the back. See, if you look at them in profile, females of these three races are currently animated so that their knees are always slightly couched2. That's sort of fine, and is actually consistent with having
  8. I was worried when so much time passed before Obsidian showed off any of the game, and now it seems that my anxieties were justified--perhaps if they had been more open with the early development of the game, the main problems that I see in the Backer Beta could have been avoided or resolved. But with less than five months of development planned, it seems very unlikely Obsidian will be able to implement any substantial changes. In the course of my 3 hours with the backer beta, I compiled a fairly big list of bugs, general feedback and suggestions. But by the end of my first ride through th
  9. My list of bugs: Character gets stuck in a "falling" animation after battle if knocked unconscious, upon loading a game I get white boxes and green circles in the boxes above the portraits, I can't finish the ogre quest because the head (and blood) always disappears from my inventory (after loading), Ogre never has the club, missing equipment (after loading/ sometimes on stratup), quest disappearing after loading but coming back after quitting the game and restarting, attack animations are buggy; ranged weapons are used as melee weapons, character sounds missing, weapon sounds missing (guns),
  10. Update by Rose Gomez, Associate Producer Hello backers! After a successful week at GDC everyone is back in the office energized and inspired. This week we'll be taking a look at what the life of an animator is like on Pillars of Eternity, from what an average day looks like to how an animation goes from concept to being in the game. In our next update, look forward to an update all about the audio design on Pillars of Eternity, featuring Justin Bell, our Audio Director. As a reminder, the survey deadline has passed. If you still need to fill out your surveys, we encourage you to d
  11. Just watched the latest gameplay footage from the Trailer and im shocked nobody seem to notice this: Attack Spells direct targeting an npc look like they go through characters without any noticeable "impact" animation, it looks like the "projectile" just vanishes inside or even under the target. End. Horrible. Really horrible... Please fix that. In the moment the "projectile" hits the target there needs to be an impact animation. BG2 at least had it. Same concern about physical hits, not every taken hit needs to have a shaking impact reaction on the character, but sometimes there s
  12. I feel that fighters are very often mishandled - classically the most monotonous and boring class, specially in d&d games, where they're very often just part of some dual or multiclass character or dipped into for some bonus or other. Conversely other games try to fix this by giving them abilities that are practically magic - various agro and pulling mechanics, random invulnerabilities, special super attacks etc. Now PE seems to be taking a more grounded approach (or that's the feeling I've gotten up until now), so I guess that won't be happening here. I think one problem with fighters
  13. Rob Nesler, Project Eternity's Art Director Hello everybody it's me again, Rob Nesler, Art Director on Project Eternity. I had intended on presenting our Art Style document to the world by this update, but it still needs work. So, you have to wait a bit longer for it. So that’s sad. However, with the last art update, I glossed over our Technical Animator Antonio's work 'cause it was 3 o'clock in the morning and I couldn't think about how to describe intelligently what Antonio does for us. Some of you professed extensive knowledge of rigging and skinning, as well as profound disappointment
  14. In today's update we ask the Lead Animator on Project Eternity, Mark Bremerkamp a few questions about being a game developer. Mark hails from Detroit, Michigan, and he has been with Obsidian for eight years. He is a man of few words - everyone give a warm hello to Mark. Q: Hello, Mr. Bremerkamp! What is your job on the Project Eternity team? A: Lead Animator Q: What are you working on this week? A: Initial attacks for the light spear (1h thrust) and the pike (2h thrust) Q: What is your typical work day like on Project Eternity? A: First drink coffee t
  15. So I have been playing Baldur's Gate "Enhanced" over the last few days. The idea behind it was to update the game to the latest version of the infinity engine. Now, I haven't played this game in a very long time, but this is what is striking me now. It seems like pace and movement is really slow. Maybe its the limited animations of the characters, or maybe its just how i perceive movement over the ground. Either way, it seems like a huge hassle to move across one of the maps and there is nothing really entertaining to look at while you do it. Its almost like driving a car if you will. Not
  16. Alundra has, in my opinion, one of the best running mechanics (it is just so difficult to master though!). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AisGdMqiqi4 At around 0:30. Running could be way more dynamic, out of combat, you are running from that boulder chasing you, or just running due to low health (with mortality mode on) or just running because running. Like "Drifting" in a car racing game, rounding those corners like a boss. Dynamic running animations. What say you? Good? Or as ominous as the music in the Alundra video? Not talking about a skill based running, but if you are runni
  17. So I was just thinking about this, what abilities are there that can serve the same purpose without having an animation for it? In Update 15 Tim Cain says that "grapple" won't be in the game because it is unnecessary resources. Is there a middle-ground here? I wouldn't, personally, mind if there is a grapple ability (for the Monk) in the game. Even if it is without animation. I draw most of my thoughts from League of Legends regarding this, where you press a button when you're close enough to an enemy and there's a "clanky" sound and then "Stun" (if you are within range of your opponen
  18. Casting Spells. Throwing spells. Not summoning spells (unless, a Summoner of course...). My point is should the Wizard lunge a fireball? Should he wave his arm horizontally as he shoot out an energy flux of magic missiles? Should the Wizard "dance" as he's pulling the forces of the mysterious unknown? Avatar: The Last Airbender, springs lots of thoughts. I'm personally standing on the "if resources allow" side. But damn.. it would be so freaking badass cool... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=oCXHi0kFucc#t=78s EDIT: Not that^ flashy, look at
  19. In D&D 4e, there is a status called "bloodied" where you or your enemies have less than 50% of your hitpoints. It is interesting because it gives you an idea of how much health your enemies have, as well as causing different bonuses or maluses to enemies attacking bloodied creatures. From an animation perspective, it helps you know who's more likely to die too. Wondering if this is something OEI might do from an animation perspective or mechanical one too.
  20. (When I was playing Fallout 2 I remember thinking: "cool, I'm going to get a car sometime. Will I see it move?" I knew the answer would be negative, but I enjoyed wondering. In BG1 I was very glad whenever I saw any animation, as small as it was, but watching a video of a flying Wyvern only to find out it had go around the lake to attack my party. PS:T had some few but awesome animations. IWD had a few animations at the ending, and the fact nothing in Nature moved because all was frozen served as an acceptable excuse. In BG2 there were some improvements, but most of it was static too. Then IWD
  21. Please make it possible to easily add or modify animations. This is often very hard to do - yet animations can enhance the games feel immensely - so please don't hardcode anything! Ideally we should be able to add or mod animation without the hassle of going trough 3 different converters, scripts, tools whatever. Maybe just a blender plugin? I'm not asking for a mod tools, just no restricted, hardcoded mess. I hope one of your devs sees this!
  22. Hi all, First of all, sorry for my bad English. I'm big fan of your games for a long long time. And I'm playing cRPG since I can remember. You are company I like the most in this industry since your name is next to all my favorite games. Your games are great and sometimes full of bugs but you can't make good and complex cRPG without few of them. My second favorite company, CD Projekt RED also make lot of them and yet they don't stop fixing what they can. Anyway, I'm programmer. But for some reasons I ended up as webdeveloper. Mostly I work with SQL, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and stuff. N
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