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  1. More tests and logs, because I think one luck is not enough to solve this problems. Game client was checked by Steam. No problems found. No files loaded. Video driver updated to last version and PC rebooted. DXdiag attached to this post. Game language is set to English in game menu. Test 1. Attempt to clone "B" chant. English locale. 1. Start game and load save posted above. 2. Check Kana: Chant "B" is active, two "C" chants are present. 3. Dismiss Kana from group. Enter building to change location. 4. Recruit Kana back to group. Nothing changed.
  2. Conclusion. It seems that "March of the Kamoa" and "Arrows of Minoretta" or "Minoretta's Arrows" (still don't know exact name for English locale) both designed to be initial names for initial chants when player first time meets Kana. But while "March of the Kamoa" is set as default name and cause less problems, "Arrows of Minoretta" set differently. It seems that this arrows were designed to be chant "B" - a second predefined chant, but, after some might be dirty edits, they became chant "C" and cause more problems. Also arrow's name is given by a different way unlike "March of the
  3. Important note. If you read opening post of this topic already, please read it again, because it was heavily updated while I did more and more testing. I want to provide You with as much detailed information as possible to make clean understanding of problems listed above. Also this problems might be related to other problems that cause chants to stop chanting at all. And I hope that "Just do it TWICE" will be Your corporate meme in every testing process from now on.
  4. Chant glitches are still in game and they happens VERY OFTEN! But here it is, I have a screenshot, savegame and some explanations here. So finally, You will be able to reproduce at least two problems related to that ugly situation. So, please, excuse my English, I am doing my best though and let's get started. Game version: v3.7.0.1318 PX1 PX2 PX4 -steam Game was started and played with Russian localization. Explanation. 1. I retrained Kana, made new chants and named chant "C" as "Ranger" and chant "B" as "Fearless", chant "A" name wasn't touched.
  5. As you can see on image below, the small shields have a clipping issue on a female characters. This is, for example, a Pallegina with Outworn Buckler (Paladin only). You may notice that shield looking bad even without armor (second picture). So, please, change position for small shields just like for medium shields (third picture) for female characters.
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