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  1. I recently acquired Berlin Alexanderplatz on Criterion Blu-Ray. I’m hoping to dive into that series over the weekend. It’s been on my watchlist for ages now.
  2. I normally get about 6-7 hours per night but anything over that, I’m usually feeling sluggish the next morning. I often feel more energized when I get 5 hours of sleep for some reason.
  3. Earthbound Portal/Portal 2 Metal Gear Solid 1-3 Half-Life 2 Pokemon Gold Doom Street Fighter II
  4. Pillars 3 would be awesome, but I’m also curious about Josh’s historical RPG.
  5. I grabbed Lisa: The Painful a few days ago. It’s excellent and I’ll probably get the sequel next.
  6. I’m playing Baldur’s Gate 2 again. I figured this game might hold me over until The Outer Worlds, but I’ve already spent 16 hours in three days of play. So, it’s likely I’ll be finished with it before September at this rate.
  7. Can't be disappointed with this news. It just means I get to run one playthrough on the PS4 and the another on the go with the Switch.
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