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  1. I've been on a Cardiacs binge. This band is definitely not for everyone, but I'm finding them quite infectious lately. I would say they're a mix of everything from avant-prog to experimental post-punk to zolo to neo-psychedelia, but more importantly, they write some absolutely banger tunes that are rich in imagination and musicality.
  2. I've been binge watching Better Call Saul during quarantine and have almost caught up with what is airing on TV. This show is damn excellent. I had been sleeping on it for years, unfortunately.
  3. Divinity: Original Sin II was not the modern day RPG masterpiece most make it out to be. It was a very good game with great mechanics, interactivity, and visuals, but lacked in terms of storytelling, characterization, and role-playing. Give me Pillars 2 any day.
  4. I played about 10 hours of the game sometime last year, but stopped it for no reason other than just getting busy with life. I'll hopefully return to it soon, because it seemed quite interesting and beautifully designed.
  5. I'm playing KOTOR 2 right now. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I'm absolutely loving this game so far.
  6. This is like a messed up version of Talking Heads. I've been digging it lately.
  7. I'm always hoping for PoE 3.
  8. I’m in. Since most everyone is in quarantine for the moment, this is a great time to do something like this and hey, maybe we’ll discover some new music in the process.
  9. I recently acquired Berlin Alexanderplatz on Criterion Blu-Ray. I’m hoping to dive into that series over the weekend. It’s been on my watchlist for ages now.
  10. I normally get about 6-7 hours per night but anything over that, I’m usually feeling sluggish the next morning. I often feel more energized when I get 5 hours of sleep for some reason.
  11. Earthbound Portal/Portal 2 Metal Gear Solid 1-3 Half-Life 2 Pokemon Gold Doom Street Fighter II
  12. Pillars 3 would be awesome, but I’m also curious about Josh’s historical RPG.
  13. I grabbed Lisa: The Painful a few days ago. It’s excellent and I’ll probably get the sequel next.
  14. I’m playing Baldur’s Gate 2 again. I figured this game might hold me over until The Outer Worlds, but I’ve already spent 16 hours in three days of play. So, it’s likely I’ll be finished with it before September at this rate.
  15. Can't be disappointed with this news. It just means I get to run one playthrough on the PS4 and the another on the go with the Switch.
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