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  1. Still waiting for an answer. This annoying bug stopped me from playing and I'd like to finish the game.
  2. Hi! I ran into an unfortunate bug, as the title says Edér lost all of his equipment after I swapped him for Maneha in WM1. I completed WM1 and went back to my Stronghold and now the very good equipment including his inventory, quick slots equipped items have all disappeared. Very irritating. I have many saves along the way but no saves before I swapped Edér and Maneha... It seems that he instantly lost all his items after he left the part. Is there a solution for this? Save games: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vheb3d5zvkfsr87/18940357-9cd6-4c0a-9055-b47a468fcead%20quicksave.zip?dl=0 DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  3. I received my collector's edition today. I have not yet opened it... I am a bit excited!
  4. I got two separate e-mails from Paradox las week informing me that the packages should arrive later this week (15-17.4 Finland). Funnily enough the other package containing all the physical add-ons was shipped by Royal Mail International Standard and the actual Collectors edition was shipped by TNT Pakket. However, the tracking numbers give no information. Maybe I'll get to see the quality of the map later this week...
  5. My signed collector's edition has not shipped yet but of course I am curious about the quality of the items. Luckily I have prepared myself for a poor quality map by thinking to myself that it has seen many adventures and therefore it looks worn-out. A little roleplay always helps, no?
  6. Great news Darren and thank you for the heads up. The game is excellent and I know it just keeps on getting better and better because of the dedicated team behind it. Respect!
  7. No idea. I asked whether the other tiers would also get an extra key, but got no answer. Oh well. Maybe we'll get an answer someday. I'm not complaining or anything, just curious. But I'd be more than happy to give another key to my other friend just to make him play PE
  8. This baffles me. The 250, 500 and 750 tier also had one digital key, why the lower tiers get an additional download key when those who pledged more do not get one? I'm fine, I bought one extra just before release because I knew the physical goods will be late and I can wait for them - no problem. Eventually the super cool signed collector's edition will arrive and I will be happy. But what is the logic behing the extra key hassle?
  9. What shady sites? I thought people with box versions received two copies, physical and digital, so you can just play the digital one while waiting for the box. Was I mistaken? No, you are correct. I should get a boxed copy, based on my pledge level and order, as well as an additional digital copy. On release date though I was allowed to generate two digital keys (one for my own (boxed) Royal Edition, and one as additional CHampion Edition copy), and I could download and play the game with my RE key just fine (I gifted the second key to my sister, and she's having a blast as well). So yes, every backer with a boxed copy got one additional digital key, so we're all able to play the game since release, box or no box. Holy Yuno and Revy I just realized that I don't have damn Champion edition entry in my products stuff. And I could generate only 1 key. And link to support redirects me to paradox who doesn't even have Pillars in their damn "choose game" list... god *** damnit obsidian... I'm sorry, my memory failed me: I just had another look, and the second key is for a Hero Edition, not a Champion Edition. I read about other people who wouldn't get the second key unlocked, and I think you'll have to contact CS about that. Hey... Wait a second. Who were supposed to get an additional key? I mean which tiers? I backed 250 dollars and I had only the royal edition key. Because I already promised my friend my digital key I bought one extra hero edition key. So was I supposed to get that free of charge? A bit confused here. And yeah, no word on the physical goods...
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