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  1. I also have the same issue, to be sure I completed all the bounties and killed the Adra dragon. Still no achievement
  2. I guess unsatisfied people are louder than us who just love the game, and spend our time happily playing it. I've been very happy with my experience thus far in PoE. I've played 40 hours since release, taking my time with most thing I've done, I'm not even close to finishing the game, been pushing Endless paths. The music is absolutely top notch. Handcrafted visuals are also amazing. The endurance / health system is really great and makes for some interesting dungon crawling, even though it's often easy to just go back to an inn to rest somewhere it makes you wanna win fights and pus
  3. I also have the feeling it's not working as intended, I've never been able to succeed using escape so far at least, die from engagement damage every time.
  4. Oh, I thought that she was a companion, or could be one.. I decided in the conversation to kill him. But my quest was never finished. So that's why I never saw her again:(
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