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  1. There is a thread on the Steam forum aswell.
  2. There is a thread on the Steam forum highlighting the issues. Might be worth subbing to and bump if necessary.
  3. There are also portraits missing. "Complete Edition", now thats a lie. Is The White March even included? Im starting to doubt it.
  4. Tried to plow a little further, and ran into even more bugs, broken features and a few game crashes. This is terrible, its like the beta version, back in 2015! At this point, I expect some sort of official apology or statement adressing the sorry state of the release build.
  5. Agreed, the rate at which Ive come across bugs in the first hour alone is staggering, and worrying. I feel I cant commit to a proper playthrough until these are sorted, due to possibly future uncompatible save files and/or gamebreaking glitchwalls halfway through. And the UI glitches are just tiresome to endure frankly. Such a messy release. Really disappointed.
  6. Apparently, all inventory and quick item slots are wiped when dismissing a character.
  7. Not sure if it was like this before the patch or not, but since you give most commands while paused, they should acknowledge commands while paused. Its a no-brainer imo.
  8. Since patch -steam Custom companions already created are muted. New ones talk like usual. Removing them from the group and readding them t the party does not solve the issue. If I load a save from several hours back, they still got their voices. Which means they mightve lost them somewhere between Cad Nua and Defiance Bay (Heritage Hill) Win 7, 64 bit Steam
  9. My custom companions lost their voices with the latest patch. Atleast the ones I have already created. If I create a new companion, they can talk like usual. "Sound Sets from hired companions will now be properly restored when adding them to the party from the stronghold." Na-uh. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77749-bug-voice-muted-on-custom-companions/
  10. Fighters regenerate as they should, and some encounters got enemy healers aswell.
  11. I think they are amazing. That Zealous Movement aura more or less negates the Engagement mechanic. Which can be extremely useful. Heals, Flaming strike... I think they are very decent. Tank/Support with the option to switch to a 2-hander and wreck some bodies.
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