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  1. I would like to point out that levels in dnd represent an exponentially rarer population. The vast majority of the population in the world wouldn't even be past level 1. A well trained experienced soldier would probably be only a few levels in. Getting to level 10 would denote many extremely difficult incounters and possibly decades of experience accumulation. The point is that it is designed as an RPG with a DM to control the flow, set limits, and direct. Video games do not have that luxury, well except neverwinter nights (game with a good direction). The reason BG wizards were so strong was the fact that there were no reagents, loss of experience for even casting a spell (thinking twice about casting those high level spells now aren't we), smart AI or a Human brain to say, "Hey, you can't just take 10 8 hour naps in a castle of armed men trying to find and kill you."
  2. I just noticed the constant recovery ability, my bad. Still doesn't explain every enemy having regen.
  3. Fighters regen endurance? I haven't come across a tooltip that says they do and using my fighter's sbilities do not return endurance. What I mean is that everything regens. They all seem to regen at the same rate so monsters or "kith with more total take longer to get to full. Phantoms, skeletons, the "boss" of level 5 in od nua. The combat log doesn't show anyone casting spells. They regen even when knocked down or paralyzed.
  4. I've tried to google it but I can't come up with anything. Are enemies supposed to regen hp even while fighting them? If i get an unlucky string of misses the enemy just goes straight back to full health (15 sec approx.)
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