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  1. Edit2: I left the info below cause I thought it might be interesting, but the console command you need is: UnlockAllEquipmentSlots CompanionGUID , which can be found in characters.gamedatabundle. For Eder this would be UnlockAllEquipmentSlots 31167607-7bfd-417c-8dd6-d1808e4e2bb9 You pointed me in the right direction and I fixed it It wasn't the DestroyWeaponInSlot but RemoveItem, because no matter how much you mod it, it's not seen as an equipment item by the game. For anyone else running into this problem: 1. Get yourself the mod that allows you to use iroll20s
  2. Thanks for your suggestion Thelee. I confess I have no idea what happened when it got stuck; I only noticed much later that it did. Recasing it didn't work either. Unfortunately I also couldn't find anything console command related or otherwise that might help me despawn them. I even tried modding the Reaping Knives to make them seem to be actual equipment. A scroll of firebrand made no difference unfortunately either.
  3. Hey guys, After having once cast Reaping Knives on Eder, I seem to be completely unable to remove them and they won't despawn no matter what I do; traveling, removing from party, disabled mods, etc. I doublechecked with the console command ToggleObjectHierarchy which shows the actual equipment still being present, but I can't find anything that allows me to remove the weapons. Any idea how I can fix this? My latest save was much larger than 1 MB, but it can be found at https://moradin.stackstorage.com/s/52ovXzcUrSwOJN1
  4. The whole you can't buff before combat is the reason I didn't get POE2. There is nothing more annoying then having a fighter, but no system that allows him to keep aggro, and then seeing all enemies run off to your squishier party members and flooring them in seconds, unless you keep them a 100 yards away, start buffing for 4 rounds the second combat starts. Either give me the ability to blast off spells and survive being meleed by a guy 3 levels lower without buffs, or allow me to pre-buff.
  5. Fireball... in many D&D (and other) based games one of my favourite spells. In Pillars of Eternity a disappointment, simply for one reason: its range is too short. When faced with a group of monsters you only have the following options if you want to use fireball: - have your fighter agro the lot and then cast fireball on the melee mobs, but you are pretty much only able to do so when they already circled him which means you won't hit them all. - run in yourself to cast fireball before combat starts, but you'll get agrod and killed before you can run out. - wait for combat to sta
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone. I would like to point out however that some people are detracting from my original point: this topic is not meant as a discussion about whether wizards are strong or weak or whether I'm having a hard time with them (I'm going through the game in hard mode without hickups and use 2 wizards), but merely to state that most of the buffs a wizard can cast are useless. I agree spells such as eldritch aim are definately useful, but the majority of the buffs I don't use simply cause casting them all will cause previous buffs to expire and secondly it means I won't b
  7. Like the title says. What's the point of buff spells? I'm lvl 6 now playing hard mode and I use the AoE party buffs of a priest, but I can't get myself to use any of the wizard ones, and why? - my warrior catches pretty much everyone's attention anyway - I am not going to waste the time to cast 2 or 3 buffs on wizards that don't get attacked while the enemy meanwhile gets that time to attack my party. In my opinion there should be 2 fixes to solve this issue: 1. fix the AI to more creatively have enemies attack your wizards 2. make buffs reserve the specific spell slot and last f
  8. While vendoring it just occured to me that it would be nice if there was an option to sort items by name, rarity or value. Perhaps this would be a nice addition for a future patch or PoE2? ps: awesome game
  9. Thanks mate! I just disabled my hamachi and poof, the problems are gone. Much appreciated!
  10. Pardon the spam as I just replied as well but it's not up here yet, but I have some extra info that may help the dev's: I don't have these issues with other games When the problem occurs and I check my performance I notice it drops my CPU to 0%. Now I know this usually is either a driver or temp issue, but they're up to date and the temp is fine. I tried using real time and high processor affinity, this didn't help.
  11. Exactly same problem here. Using the steam version. AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3.4ghz) 4GB Ram AMD 6850, up-to-date drivers
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