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  1. Good lord, that was it. I just had to disable the VMWare network adapter, that seems to be the root of the problem. Would be nice though if obsidian could fix it so I don't have to enable/disable the network every time I have to use a virtual machine. So, for the rest of the cursed, just try to disable all the networks that you have to see if the freezing stops. God bless you bnutchison. Thanks mate.
  2. So, testing with the portrait files, after moving the folder from its place: It does nothing with existing characters other than changing the portrait to a red exclamation point since the pngs doesn't exist anymore. If you create a new character after removing the portrait files, It eliminates the freezing (portrait selection during chargen, open main character inventory, change main character gear and right at the end of a loading screen) but the voice delay it's there in all its glory.
  3. There you go: Win 7 x64 i7 930 @ 3.8 GHz GTX 970 savefile.zip output_log.txt
  4. GTX 970 user here. The problems persist with both 347.52 and 347.88 (lastest). And the issue seems to be an old one: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70629-435-freeze-on-interaction-with-character-creator/ I did try the first couple of BB and this didn't happen so it's something that was added after that.
  5. During chargen every time a new portrait is loaded the game freezes for ~15 seconds. Accessing the main character inventory or changing his gear causes another freeze of ~5 seconds All voiceovers are delayed for ~5 seconds. Extremely annoying. This problems seem to be quite common. Other than that the game works flawlessly, even when the game hangs up the music stills sounds and the cursor works, you just can't interact with anything and the graphics are stuck.
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