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  1. -- EDIT: Please forgive this post. I've overseen that it's the same graphic which got linked in the posts before! Isn't this graphic valid anymore? Source: https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/506853358557462530
  2. As it describes the functionality of this option inverted (therefore wrong) I don't think it's a community job. It's not just a semi-optimal translation or similiar - it's a mistake which lead to an unexpected behavior and I'm sure the devs want to fix it for the next patch and don't want to depend on community fixes.
  3. If someone can't read what should be well readable with healthy eyes, he can always use the browsers text scale option. (With bad eyesight you normally have such an option for larger fonts activated permanently. So your font size would be even too large for them.) All right, but then just use your created thread to post new updates for your list. Or keep your posts at least within one single other thread instead of posting the same message multiple times in different threads/blogs. So, I see... that's the reason why you started to spam your message all over the place but hold on and think about it: It is trolling! If you don't like that Obsidian released the game in the initial given state, just open ONE thread about it or write an open letter to Obsidian. But stop reposting the same stuff (I know, it's updated) everywhere. What do you want them to do now except working as hard as they can on the patches? - Should they invent a time machine and correct this mistake?
  4. @Baladas: Could you please do me a favor and use a smaller font size for your posts? Maybe it would be also better to manage your list in one thread and use the edit function for updates. This repeatedly posting with including always every link is kind of spamish or at least annoying. Nevertheless thank you for the assortment. But please do it a bit less pushy.
  5. I'm interested in this as well! Hope it is possible. Currently, It will only work for newly recruited companions. Thank you for your response! All right, I will just start a new savegame as soon as the patch moves out of beta. Maybe it's the best approach anyway to consider also other changes from the beginning like skills, focus, etc. I'm looking forward and am very happy that I stopped playing a while ago to enjoy the game on my first run-through with a nicely patched version. I think this 1.05 patch is finally the one to play and complete the game. Thanks to the whole Obsidian team for your effort and hard work you put into the patches! Good luck with your further work/projects!
  6. I'm interested in this as well! Hope it is possible. Also I think the cipher focus nerf is a bit harsh. Maybe it could be a bit less lowered. If you've optimized your cipher build for the fact that he will start with 1/2 of his focus, the build will probably suck when suddenly starting only with 1/4 focus. I guess this nerf will force me to begin a new savegame.
  7. I don't have the beta yet, but I'm also feared my cypher build is now kind of useless with that less focus on battle starts. Of course I build him based on the origin focus amount and after this decrease it could be really hard for him on PotD. But I'll see... Maybe I'll have just to start over and build him in a different way considering the new changes..
  8. double blowjob smilie for this one corrected.
  9. I'll try to be there too, but can't promise yet. Having visitors today and don't know for sure when they'll leave. So if they're already gone till CEST 7pm, I will be with you.
  10. I will start a (short) GTA session in a few minutes. Greetings to the other players. //EDIT: This forum is compressing the screenshot ugly. Normally it looks way better. (Check the Obsidians Ninjas logo ) PS@Shadeling: Many combinations generate ugly females, but this is also true for males. I tried it on my own and my female was kind of beauty (for a pc character). I don't know - maybe they've changes the character creation editor a bit for the PC. I don't think that this is the best result you can get, but for example check: YouTube Link You can also choose between different walking types, so you don't have to walk like a bitch - but of course you can if you like to.
  11. Again, nice session today But as everytime too short, i need more time.
  12. I'm getting also session join problems sometimes. It's also strange that I'm not always joining sessions with crew members automatically. I find the connecting/loading mechanism of GTA online bad/slow in general. (Have good PC specs and also installed on SSD.) But beside of this I don't have any real problems except the bug with a completely white screen while doing the heist with sorophx. (game restart fixed it) You can access the social features anytime in game, also in single player mode. Just press "pos1" on your keyboard. That way it's also possible to get a multiplayer game invite while you are in single player and join the correct online session instantly.
  13. Had some nice playtime with sorophx the last past days. Special greets to you. Also met Bokishi today in game and as soon as i reached him i had the cops on my back up to level 5. I killed so many cops, my skill in counting wasn't enough. Really, this guy is crazy. Better stay away or get a big weapon and kevlar. We ended up in an airplane and on the top he just jumped out of it and said something about parachutes. Damn, I didn't event know how to use the parachute nor how to fly the airplane. If it was real life I would be really upset (and dead) but in game it was pretty fun. See you guys soon, I would recommend joining the "Obsidian"-crew to everyone.
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