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  1. Saw your post, really loved the theory. I sent a tweet to MCA about it, he answered me: https://twitter.com/ChrisAvellone/status/657829061956255744 @ChrisAvellone "@fontesdosaber I would play this game by point #5." Imagine a fallout spin off in this setting with MCA as the Lead. Cool.
  2. Guys, I really want Capitalism Lab, so if any of you have a copy of it to give away... Remember me!!!
  3. It's physically impossible for every game to be the best experience ever. In fact, only 1 game could ever have the best experience ever. I disagree. Primarily because time is a progressive vector construct on which our personal experiences occur in a chronological order, all our experiences do not occur on a memory singularity but in a memory stream. At various points on that stream we may judge 'bests' differently as our experiences accumulate. Think of all the games that make up the overall gamespace, those that we have not played may be regarded as Schrodinger's Games (as with F4) which exist in a state of quality flux; they may or may not be better than previous games and while they may or may not have reputations associated with them it is only by opening the box and playing them can you make the judgement of which is best yourself. As such, until played they do not exist in the subjective opinionspace of what is one's personal 'best' rated and indeed it would be perfectly possible- if distinctly edge case scenario- to have every single game in existence be the 'best' at a certain point if you played them, sequentially, in ascending order of quality. ie, at any given point the last game you played would be best and stay so up until you played the next. Or alternatively, you might have multiple bouts of amnesia... In other words while there may be only one best game ever, at a given time and for a given person, that assignation is fluid and dynamic and over a set time course there may well be multiple best games of all time at given, discrete, instances on that time course. The key word here is: EVER. The best game EVER is the best game, period. It doesn't matter if you compare it to games from the past or future. It's the best game. EVER. So, I must agree with Keyrock here. --- On topic, Fallout + Skyrim + Skyrim or Better Character Creation (NO MORE "EVERYBODY IS F**** UGLY AND LOOK LIKE A MORON, DON'T MATTER WHAT YOU DO" CC of FO3 and NV) + Better Graphics + MODS = SO MUCH WIN
  4. Guys, I made a SweetFX mod! You can download it here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/rodwarrior-as-good-as-it-gets-sweetfx Like it, if you feel like it's good! :D
  5. Hah!!!!!!!!! My steam started to load an update to eternity and I was like "WHY?" THIS IS WHY!!! \o/
  6. Not a picture, but a video: GTA V mission with sorophx (Obsidian Crew)
  7. THIS IS IT!!!!!!!! It's my first try at using the editor, so I know some things are "RAW", but I liked it anyway! Thanks to Soro! --- Shadeling: Yes, you can! It depends on what you do to them. And from someone who loves SR: GTA Online it's something from the other world.
  8. I'm uploading a video made with rockstar editor of me and sorophx stealing a chopper from a base, in a mission. It's already in 25%, so I think It'll be up soon enough. I'll put the link in here once it's done!
  9. I should be able to publish to the crew, but I dont think i can. I don't have permission enough. Edit: Forget it, just did it! Now you can edit it if you want.
  10. Hey Guys! I'm on the crew! Also, I have a Small proposition to make: I know the name of the crew is Obsidian Ninjas, but I made a really cool Emblem, and would like to share. If you guys want to use it, It would be cool: I'm going to play now, if you guys want to join me! My rockstar sc and steam id are the same: RodWarrior
  11. I know this is probably not a game most of you will play, but, just in case, I'm opening this thread so people that want to comment on the game or play it together can joing each other! Feel free to chat about the game, put screens and send your data if you wish to play online. Also, maybe if enough people want to play together, we should make a crew or something? ---- April 14 is the official launch! :D Just 1 day left!
  12. Hello, Guys! I'm here to show an amazing kickstarter to one of my favorite tools on the internet! Fábrica de Heróis (aka. Hero Factory) Here is the page: https://www.catarse.me/pt/fh16 And here is all the text translated to english: http://fabricadeherois.com.br/fabricadeherois/catarse/texto_ing.html Maybe you never heard about it, so lets make this simple: It's like "Hero Machine", but with better visual and tools! Here we have a gallery with a lot of amazing creations: http://fh-oficial.deviantart.com/gallery/ And some images, if you click on the spoilers: If you want to see it for yourself, its here: http://fabricadeherois.blogspot.com.br/p/fabrica-de-herois-2014.html The program has been free for a long time, with an offline version being given to users that donate. The crowdfunding it's for a new version, with better graphics and more amazing tools! Without the money, the creator cannot continue working with the program, so I please beg you to take a look for yourselves! The crowdfunding is in "catarse", a "Brazilian Kickstarter". With 1 dollar being 3 Reais, you can help so much with little money! Please, consider donating!!! :D
  13. BF4 - RodWarriorBR (Origin ID) CHILVARY - RodWarrior (Steam ID) PS: I Don't have any other game to play co-op, so i aceppt donations hahahahaha
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