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Found 20 results

  1. Same as the last one but this is the new one so slightly different but the same-ish. Steam UPlay GOG As always please send a PM
  2. Which games are you excited to be released and which games do you want to have a new release? Like i want a new Splinter Cell game and im looking forward to Watchdogs Legion
  3. Which game or games which are old or classic do you still play and enjoy to this day and how many hours you have on that game or estimated hours
  4. We have various threads about various online distribution platforms, but a lot of them have gone and dropped far into the forum depth. So as not to practice forbidden dark arts of Threadomancy: Green Man Gaming has a Battle Trhough the Ages deal going. Mentioning it because it has all the Crusader Kings II stuff going 50% off. That is steam keys. Personally I did not really like the game, but a lot of forum regulars here absolutley love it. My own taste in the sale goes more towards the King Arthur games by Neocore: Total War like combat with heroic leaders who advance levels, unlock
  5. Steam Uplay GOG As always, please send a PM PS Please don't ask if I have something not listed here
  6. So, I've been wanting to become a writer for a long while now and ever since I've begun to play RPGs as a kid, I've been wondering how one goes about getting a job as a newbie writer in the games industry. I mean, proving one's skill should be obvious, but how does one go about it with no prior employment in the field? Where would I even begin, since I have yet to find a job posting that doesn't require prior experience. Granted, I still have some time to go due to my studies and I definitely would want to get more practice in, but the curiosity still remains. I also heard sometimes accomplis
  7. Start old Good Old Thread End of Good Old Thread We need some good games to get older fast so GoG can get them...
  8. So, I think we can safely assume Phase I looked like this: Broken Age Pillars of Eternity Shadowrun Star Citizen Wasteland 2 Torment: Tides of Numenera Phase II so far: Underworld Ascendant The Bard's Tale Any I'm missing? Will Phase II look like a bunch of sequels and/or Kickstarter Sequels?
  9. My other PoE. (Or as I like to call it, Path of Exile: Forsaken Masturbators. For if you are in sexile, you are by definition a forsaken...never mind.) Currently playing a Reave tank Ranger with 75% block, 40% dodge, and just over 50% Evade (need much more!), She is impossible to hit in melee but high spell damage just wipes her out. Can't get enough of the new crafting masters--mods rule! A great way to fill in the gaps left by random drops. Finally unlocked the map artisan! I prefer PoE to Diablo 3, but to be fair I haven't tried the expansion + patch for D3. As long as D3 remain
  10. Previous thread. Last posts: Been playing it as well. I know folks are all about Watch Dogs right now, but SR4 is just on a different level from all the other sandbox games. I've tried going back to it a couple of times, but I feel it's a regression from the previous game in almost every way. It starts off well enough but once the superpowers came in, the gameplay completely fell apart. In the end I think I'd rather play SR3 over than play SR4. Identifying a couple of the bigger complaints I guess - the almost complete loss of visibility and positional sense during
  11. Old thread here. I enjoyed Lords of Magic. though factions and heroes were totally unbalanced. An an Air Rogue the game was a breeze (doh stupid puns write themselves). As a Fire Warrior not so much. The game came witha pretty neat Map Editor though. If the internet had been more widespread back then, allowing for larger communities , easier hosting, upload and download, you probably would have seen a lot more user-made content for the game. This is the problem I have with Total War games. My 300 against their 1500...I lose 10-20 guys and the enemy loses 1200-1300
  12. Last thread here. Some of the last posts. The campaign is a tutorial, so it may prevent you from doing things before it wants you to do them That said, even after the campaign, things are population locked. For example you can't build a coal mine until you have employees, even though as a tycoon, your coal power plant would benefit from them. So you'll have to make do with excavators until then. Got started on the second mission of Global Distrust myself. Nightmare event...
  13. Start of old thread End of old thread Old thread ran out of Steam (pun intended)... Current subject was Steam trading cards. Never heard of them
  14. Hi all, I'm glad to have joined theese forums, looking forward to PE, and i just wanted to say, i always dreamt of beeing part of making a game. It never really happened, but i got no regrets. Here is my story... When i was younger i wanted to be a writer, but my massive interest in roleplaying made me make adventures for my friends in stead. Then we played a lot of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. Then i started making music, and couldn't decide a career path. I should have gotten into the business back then. But as i live in Denmark, there was really no options to get educated as a
  15. Like above vote and tell us what mechanics and Which game do you hope Project Eternity is most like?
  16. First of all i would, as i am sure all others here would concede to doing, thank the Team at Obsidian for going on this fruitful journey of resurrecting the crpg genre, spearheading it along with inXile, and more than likely even more projects inspired by your success. But in this thread i would like to point out a particular individual and by extent the remnants of a once great developer. Tim Cain and Troika. I am a Norwegian, and unsurprisingly we play games. A lot of them. There arent a lot of us though, i think we just hit 5 million a year or so ago. Because of this, our gaming commu
  17. Obsidian is going to open its own store. I think this deserves its own topic. Here are comments from Kickstarter page: I'm really glad they are working on their own trading place. Sometimes it is hard to find Obsidian games - especially box version. It is even harder to find a site providing delivery without country restrictions.
  18. Greetings, i have a school project regaring my education and have some questions for you, i would appreciate it if you would take just a few minutes to think about and answer these 3 short questions if you have an opinion about it. Thank you Why do you think people play computer games? What can you learn by playing computer games? Why make computer games? ps. Im very sorry if i posted this the wrong spot, if so, could someone direct me to where i should post it?
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