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  1. So, I've been wanting to become a writer for a long while now and ever since I've begun to play RPGs as a kid, I've been wondering how one goes about getting a job as a newbie writer in the games industry. I mean, proving one's skill should be obvious, but how does one go about it with no prior employment in the field? Where would I even begin, since I have yet to find a job posting that doesn't require prior experience. Granted, I still have some time to go due to my studies and I definitely would want to get more practice in, but the curiosity still remains. I also heard sometimes accomplished novelists are drafted to help with the creative writing process and other times, writers are brought in fairly late in the development process. If possible, I'd love to hear people's experiences and maybe a tip or two to get started after I finally get my Bachelor's. Love, Linarahn
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