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  1. Then get some ofm that guys that rape you yesterday in the butt hahahah you ****ing troll stih hahahahahahhahahaha
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iypYiZbtebc You are so stupid that you cant even say anything, you can only troll me by "Quete" me and ptrinting some video to this ... If you can't say anything that suck my **** child and **** off .. (you understand or you need special translator for this you stpid **** ?)
  3. AGX-17 I think you and your homies (talking about me) shoud not quesion my person, my sexuality and my opinion of women, i like women, i pick-up them and realiy (good or bad not matter) in my opinion sex is normal human interaction, and i respect if you think that this game is not about human interactions but exping or spells OK. You shoud more answer about thret then on me, some of you guys in my opinion offended me wery well, and nobudy tells (hey you cross line there) you all are OK (you think that women is ofendet when they hear they are pretty, bull ****) i thing that moder
  4. It's kind of funny, actually. There's such a stigma attached to romances that people always have to add this disclaimer and justify themselves And just like many people who feel the need to put these kind of disclaimers, your justifications completely contradict your claim. You're asking for completely gratuitous and prominently featured tililation, which is kind of a defining feature of porn and dating sims. You could at least try to admit it. By the way, I voted no at everything, because of how profoundly biased your poll is. If coure i whoud like to see nudity in game but in
  5. Women shoud look sexy but no nudity. 3 option and 3 question. What about nude but not sexy? What about decently dressed with a realistic figure? Sory I did not take into account this option, btw women in realistic are sexy.
  6. 3 time i sad i don't whant porn simulator what part of this you don't understand ? I played skyrim with "more" sexual mods but i don't remember that there is "SEX-Simulator" mod haha .. as i sad i don't whant porn in game. BTW2. Im not game developer, this is only discuss not planing to putt this in game if this not fitts (like full sex-scenes) i only want to know your opinion and please Logical Reading. Is i sad that i don't want something then stop saying that i want. I don't know why you all are so hostile, if you don't like it at least not atack my personaly. You don't know eny
  7. God piont but what about "Black screen and voices in whe background" ? By the way how to change this poll for question 2 and 3 not be mandatory. ?
  8. Sorry i did not know that, i you whant say no say "Other" i can't edit this poll right now... sorry guys .. Sory for my english im still learning, if enywan is still ofendet then im sorry,
  9. I sad MAYBY, To me it isn't soft porn, to you it is. I respect your opinion but please also respect mine. Im not forcing you to agree with me ... but like i sad i "DON"T" whant to make porn of P:E i just whant women look like women and interact like women ... noting more
  10. Is my gif somehow unclear to you? I do not care you're trying to insult me ​​but you did not.
  11. We know that the P: E is a mature storyline (At least they say it will). But what about mature +18 content, sexuality prostitution, nudity etc. In my opinion P:E shoud be more like dark-fantasy and it whoud me great to see this type of content(but subtly). This thret also has a litle bit to do abour romances (companions, npc, player etc) but not "IF romances will be added" but "IF they will by added then with mature content or no" I'am not fan of dragon age romances (and sex scenes like from mass efect) but i like how they where added in witcher ( Not sexscenes but sex cards and only sound
  12. Then why " good morning america, and the rest of the world ? " When i think it's simple mistake and he shoud say "Good morning people" then in america where morning but when we aple to the original then all ower the world where morning ... ? This is second thing i think it was mistake (but im not offendet i only say what i think )
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