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  1. Hi all, I'm glad to have joined theese forums, looking forward to PE, and i just wanted to say, i always dreamt of beeing part of making a game. It never really happened, but i got no regrets. Here is my story... When i was younger i wanted to be a writer, but my massive interest in roleplaying made me make adventures for my friends in stead. Then we played a lot of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. Then i started making music, and couldn't decide a career path. I should have gotten into the business back then. But as i live in Denmark, there was really no options to get educated as a gamedeveloper, the market here is too little for that. My dreams kind of shattered. I got older made a lot of music, i got kids and thought, what the hell, it was just a dream, it would have never worked out for me. Then NWN came out, i thought wouw a toolset, let metry this. Got new hope i guess. Time to make a game. I did get to make games. I made a few modules for my kids to play. They loved it. It educated them to learn to read better (and to think for themselves). And kill the bad evil monsters all around them just like in real life. Now here i am, thinking how different my life could have been, had i been a little wiser in my younger days. I am no expert in anything beeing a self-learner. I COULD have been. I am very good allround, as long as things don't get too complicated. I have done stuff like translating, music, 3D, and even storytelling (and programming in Aurora - i was using a script generator, and never wrote much code, but i learned how the basic scripting workes). So what i am really trying to say, is that i am happy things played out this way. As long as i know that I COULD HAVE been a game maker. And for all the bright people out there, that got cought by the headline, my advise is: Follow your dreams where ever they take you. I chose this different path, as it was destined long ago. Now im a happy amatour, making my stories come to life. - Now that's a happy ending, right ? (thought this 'smiley' was the cutest) And sorry for my spelling Hope the mods can move this if it's in the wrong subforum
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