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  1. I think the message is way more muddled than that (and not in a good way). I also don't think that's the sort of thing Obsidian would do, regardless of their personal beliefs. Their stories tend to be more nuanced than just "atheism = good, religion = bad." Much like how it's not that simple in real life.
  2. I don't find the game challenging, and my perspective is the only one that matters! Therefore the game is too easy! Every encounter should begin with my PC punching me in the face and then stomping on my fingers and then setting me on fire! Anything less is unacceptable! Seriously though, I'm not really sure what can be done to satisfy your complaints. It's not like the AI in these sorts of games is ever going to be terribly good. If you want an opponent capable of human-level planning and tactics, play a tabletop RPG with a DM or something.
  3. You don't want to fight over nothing? Them's fightin' words!! Yeah, I agree pretty much. People on the internet are too often angry and loud but have nothing to say. Unlike me, who is witty and charming and never obnoxious.
  4. Engage! Engages all enemies in the game. Modal ability. The Eye of Argon Watcher ability. Transform the target into a harmless backer NPC. Living in the Future Replaces your copy of Pillars of Eternity with Torment: Tides of Numenera. Living in the Past Replaces your copy of Pillars of Eternity with your choice of Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, or Planescape: Torment. Mystery Inc. Reveals all spirit-type enemies for what they are: petty criminals draped in sheets, trying to scare off tourists. Naptime The party rests without needing camping supplies. 2/rest. Ol' Blood and Guts Strap a bomb to one of your companions and toss them into the midst of enemies, killing the companion and dealing AoE Raw damage equal to the companion's remaining Health. Weapon Focus: The Legacy Trains the character in the use of the Hollowborn, gaining +6 Accuracy with all weapons of those types.
  5. Honestly that's true to one extent or another of the IE games too. Pillars is a lot like the first Baldur's Gate in this way. I think the cool unique magic items in Baldur's Gate II were what made characters really feel special, and there isn't anything like that in Pillars. Since you mentioned Accuracy, keep in mind that the whole Accuracy system is a pretty bad idea to begin with. I mean, if you want your psychic powers to have a better chance of affecting your enemies, of course equipping a dagger would help, right? They can't allow players to significantly increase Accuracy or else their entire mechanical system disintegrates. Notice how many people bragging about winning hard fights mention they use the paralyzing trap? It's because they maxed out their Mechanics, because that gives you a flat permanent bonus to Accuracy on traps, which helps make traps extremely effective.
  6. Meh. Out of all of the games made by the folks currently working at Obsidian that I've played, I think Pillars is weakest in this area despite having more mechanics built around it. It doesn't really help that none of the factions are terribly interesting. It's a pretty huge downgrade going from the factions of Fallout (Planescape: Torment and Vampire: the Masquerade too, but Obsidian didn't create those settings) to the Dozens and the Crucible Knights. Ultimately everyone, including your (former) self, is just a stupid dupe reacting to the whims of the villain right up until the ending when you finally kill him. Too bad he's not much of a villain, either. To be blunt and honest, if we're talking about choice and consequences, in my opinion the bit where Thaos walks into the Duc's meeting and murders him before wandering off is, in context, one of the worst instances of writing in a video game I've ever seen. It renders everything you've done up to then (probably dozens of hours of gameplay) completely pointless and raises a whole bunch of questions like: If Thaos can just do whatever he wants wherever he wants whenever he wants, why does he need the Leaden Key? Why doesn't he just teleport into your face and detonate your head before siphoning your soul into his machines so you can't ever reincarnate again? You have to spend an entire act to get the chance to attend the stupid meeting (for no reason, mind you, since it's not like the Duc gets the chance to help you with your quest or anything) and he just gets to strut in like he owns the place? Well, thanks for wasting my time, I guess. Good thing I just did the easy thing and murdered faction members in Defiance Bay until Lady Webb let me go to the meeting, though not before wagging her finger at you and insulting you. Nevermind that her concerns about not having a faction's backing are completely unfounded since no one at the meeting actually cares who's supporting you. Maybe that's how Thaos got in, he just killed Crucible Knights or whatever until Lady Webb called him incompetent and gave him an invitation. Not exactly the trial from Neverwinter Nights 2, is it?
  7. I was thinking about this myself, but I'm not sure that your character is necessarily interested in the true nature of the gods or whatever in the endgame. Your character wants to know whether Thaos truly believed what he was preaching, because if it was all a lie then everything you did back then was for nothing. There's no answer to the questions asked by philosophy and religion. What is a god, what role should religion play in people's lives, what is the nature of the universe, etc., these are questions that don't have factual, objective answers. It's not about some absolute universal truth. It's not intended to take away anything from the setting or demystify the world. It's not even really about the world of Pillars. It's just about you and Thaos. I still don't really understand the point the game seems to be trying to make about the gods being "fake." It actually reminds me of Planescape, though Planescape handled the same sort of notion a lot better. But I think the main reason why it feels philosophically unsatisfying is because it's not concerned with the universal issues, it's just the personal conflict between you and Thaos. In that case, it's unsatisfying because Thaos and Woedicca are not compelling villains.
  8. I don't really agree with the OP or anything, but it is too bad we couldn't get some celebrity with a cool voice for the villain, at least. I think John Doman or Rene Auberjonois could have done a lot to make him more compelling. Or David Warner, if your mind is still on Baldur's Gate 2.
  9. I'm curious where one could find devs who are more "real" than the people who made this game, seeing as how a lot of them have been in the business of making video games for, what, 15+ years? Never heard of this guy named Tim Cain, OP? Josh Sawyer? Chris Avellone? George Ziets? They helped make these little games you might have heard of like Fallout, Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer. I might be a little biased since I've literally been playing the games they've made since before I can remember (the first Fallout was a great game for little kids to play, right?) but the devs seem pretty legit to me.
  10. Yeah, nuts to those lame casuals! Go back to the Wii, losers! I bet those casuals don't even use totally radical MMO terminology like CC and DPS and tank and aggro! Pretty sure Rogues are actually the best class at hammering down a single target by far? Different weapons are in fact better for different situations because often it helps to use different tactics than just whatever does the most damage in one shot? Someone back me up on this.
  11. so okay where do i even beginningg! This game is the worst game ever! to Start with you get sick HELLOW WHERE IS MY FORT SAVE against poisonn?!!? then the man says to get the berries for tea! i do not liketea! i will nto get ur berries caravan man1 how do u like that BUT I MUST?!?!? Garphisc are well 2 b honest subpar at best i mean there is no 3d at all!! i want 2 see what is the oteher side of walls in case there are snipers or maybe loot! also camera does not zoom in far enouhg so i cannot check my characters makeup!11! game is full of bugs!1! many big ones, including beetles and spiders! clearly no QA here huh Obsidian Enterlamement?!?! no voice acting is unbleievalbe! seriously there are maybe like five thousand voiced lines out of five million??!? also there are too many words!! i canot reed tehm all!! combat is awful i play a warzid and keep dying to deer! i cats sepll s at my copmuter but does nothing?!!? HAX bears in cave 2 easy though, soloed on pats fo teh darned, aslo kild gohsts i read on forum s and poeple tel me is not Bladdur's Gate BUT HOWCOME ist diferent?? wehere is Imoen and Mr Irenicus??? and no Mincs??? i have named pig Minsc but he does not talk oh wel I will review again after first level 5/5 stars
  12. I never said that the priority should be features before bug fixing. The game just entered beta, I know this But think of all those NPCs going without voice acting! Personally, I'm going to voice all the pretty lady NPCs.
  13. That's what I keep saying, but everyone always poo-poos me when I say it and then they start talking about all this weird stuff Obsidian said about Might representing your "soul power" and so it makes perfect sense that damage from guns and spells and your ability to intimidate people and bend iron bars should all be tied to one stat, and I mostly tune it out and imagine if Pillars was just Dragonball Z.
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