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  1. The penetration mechanic itself is fine. However there aren't enough ways for many/most characters to increase it. This means that low-pen weapons with no modal to increase it are useless for any of the harder fights. Moreover, non-martial classes don't have any feats that let them increase Pen, making them effective bystanders in many of the fights.
  2. Would be nice to have a better-stocked shop too. Hard to test heavy armour or some weapon modal if there’s none to be found.
  3. I have found Empower rather thoroughly underwhelming when I’ve attenpted it, but then I haven’t tried it much. (First time I did, I whiffed...)
  4. Put another way: my favourite P1 Watcher is a Pale Elf wizard focused toward maximum damage with implements. I can't do that in P2 as a pure wizard. The closest I can do in P2 is a Wizard/Ghost Heart Ranger, which is a pretty drastic change to the concept. This is a problem, as I would really like to continue as the character I finished with, even if I've been reset to level zero.
  5. "Stop sucking" is too meaningful advice. I've got a guy with one injury in my party. Guess what I did? Gave him a ranged weapon and put him at the back, and pay more attention to how he's doing in fights. Again: if you get one guy knocked out three times in a row, you're either playing badly/at too high difficulty or are in an area that's too hard for your level. If someone is injured, adjust your tactics. Resting is almost vestigial as it is. If they take the edge out of injuries, they might as well scrap injuries and resting altogether and go full goon. Personally I feel very str
  6. On the other hand there's no health attrition. So yeah it has to be somewhat tougher to make up for that and still be meaningful. I preferred the P1 system but if you have to get rid of Health/Endurance then the injury system is about where it ought to be to compensate IMO.
  7. That's simply not true. Two injuries in PoE 1 do not automatically put you at 50% health. That's simply not how injuries work in PoE 1. In PoE 1, I could have 3/4 of my team go down four fights in a row and still continue fighting, longer if I have triage. Not so in this beta; in this beta if I have three guys get knocked out twice in a row, that's over half my team at 50% health and I'm *immediately* resting, because no way am I risking a combat scenario with that going on. If you get three guys knocked out twice in a row, either you're playing badly or you're in an area that's too high-
  8. Chalk me up as a fan of the old system as well.
  9. The injury system is only marginally tougher than in P1; getting two knockouts there will mean you're pretty low on head and sporting two injuries which means you prolly ought to rest too. I.e., don't get knocked out so often and you'll be fine. I strongly prefer the P1 system however.
  10. I rolled up a cipher with the subclass that buffs it at max Focus and gimps it when below max Focus. I don't think I made him all that hopeless as a combatant, but his focus nevertheless took forever and a day to go up. It could be I'm just playing badly though, as I haven't investigated this all that much, but at first blush it looks like focus charges up real slow-like. What are everybody else's impressions?
  11. Nah. It's streamlined, in some cases in a good way, in other cases in a bad way (I've detailed my views on that elsewhere) but there isn't a whiff of consolitis about it AFAICT.
  12. .... moreover .... the long casting times aren't doing it for me Non-Empowered spells (also some cipher abilities) are pretty low-impact. With the long casting times and the consequent risk of getting interrupted, a lot of the time they just aren't worth it: I feel that I'd be better off straight-up attacking. Put another way, casters aren't much fun anymore. It's like the system is designed with martial classes in mind, and it works quite well for them, but surely that can't be the intention.
  13. One of the defining characteristics of D&D is a really big and broad magic system that's mechanically largely unrelated to the rest of the game. Casters have a big pool of spells to draw from, but they're restricted by having to rest in order to replenish them. The changes to magic in Pillars 2 pretty much sever this connection, and turn spells into just another set of abilities picked on level-up. Since characters now have far fewer spells to draw on, tactical options are much more limited. Since I pick my spells on level-up, that choice is much more critical. This discourages experim
  14. I think it would be preferable if this forum is for beta feedback only, from people actually playing it. Second-hand feedback would muddy the waters. I don't think there's a rule against it however, but at the very least it would be polite to indicate that your feedback is from observation rather than direct experience.
  15. I disagree. Getting knocked out twice in a row in P1 would give you two knockout injuries and likely put your health in the red zone -- I'd want to rest at that point in it too. I.e. knockout injuries don't change my incentives much.
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