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  1. I have to say, I'm very dissapointed in the current ship system. It takes forever, and it is absolutely not why I want to play this game, at all. It also takes a very large amount of gold. The daily cost is fine, it's at a good level, but the cost of all the supplies you need? Surgeon supplies. Repair supplies. Ammo. Food. Water. Raw gold for payment. Edit: Not to mention balancing morale, so unless you want to feel like a cheap miser of a captain and buy nothing but rice and water.. Imagine how much this stacks up over the entire span of the game, not *just* the beta. Look at how long a fu
  2. I feel just having a straight Strength stat, over all, makes the most sense. I definitely agree that it makes things awkward for porting over characters from the first game due to a core stat difference, but Might never really made sense to begin with. The all inclusive meta concept of stronk was very gamey, very anti-immersion, and kind of plot-holey all around, due to the already patch-notes-included reason of 'This wizard is a book worm, does no physical exercise in any way shape or form, but is capable of benching 350lb as a side effect of being good with magic'. Might just being this met
  3. Wow, seems people very much want to dismiss mechanics for the sake of defending the game. I don't know what there is to discuss here; maybe I came off too overbearing on the subject due to frustration from other issues, if so I apologize for that. But my point remains. Currently the beta is very short, and it became very clear that if I made mistakes (as we all do, that's why quicksave and quickload is such a beloved function and so popular) that I'd HAVE to reload because it was alarmingly punishing. I'm fine with taking lumps due to an error I make, story or mechanic wise, but this is harsh
  4. You really can't. There's not really a point to disagree with here, man, so I don't know what you're responding to. You can see SOME traps, such as spike traps, with your eyes. Other traps, such as many necrotic lance traps, are -totally- invisible at all times. Though that may be an issue with model loading, as sometimes there are corpses with sight lines that I can't see but can loot, but as it stands it makes no difference. If you happen to not see a trap yourself and auto path into it, it's either you have to rest. Again. Or you reload. would also assume that a character with 15 perce
  5. The injury system, at the moment, seems to be a very viscous cycle of making characters totally useless and spamming rests. If a character gets injured, through combat OR traps OR I imagine dialog scenes, you are then practically (mechanically) forced to have your entire party take a full rest. Why? Well, the injured character is so debilitated by the new injury system that they become completely worthless for combat. -25% health per injury? All that begets is the character becoming more likely to get injured in the next combat. Again. Over. And. Over. I rather like the immersive feeling of *
  6. Aye, hopefully this is all in working order! I've never made an attempt at using these forums, but I am very interested in the goings on.
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