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  1. You have a fairly solid argument there, but the main flaw with that idea is the fact that multiclassing already makes the character worse at both classes due to how the resources mechanic works. Making them spread out their stats on top of having less power-resources would make them extra worse in comparison. They will already be getting all their abilities slower, and wont be getting their top-level abilities, so forcing them to have lower relevant stats is essentially kneecapping them. As for making big changes to the stat system, IMO it should not be done in Deadfire. Not this change nor any other drastic core stats change. Deadfire was sold as PoE 2, people expect consistency of core stats and mechanics between sequels. If this was supposed to be a different series with similar core mechanics then it would be fine, but such a drastic change should not be made to the core stats of a sequel. The third game in a series mixing it up might be acceptable, but definitely not the second, not this soon.
  2. That's the thing tho, people like you 2 are the main ones for this, and it's almost exclusively just because "oh I dont want my wizards to be beefy!" even tho: 1- It's a completely ignorable thing that doesnt affect your playstyle at all while completely changing the Might system to this affects play drastically. 2- Deadfire has the Skills system. They have already stated that Skills are checked far more often for dialogue than your actual stats are. The thing you are complaining about is a complete nonisue in Deadfire even before this change, because if you didnt want to be intimidating, BAM! Don't put points into intimidate! You dont want your wizard lifting stuff and being all buff-guy-like? Don't put points in Athletics! This is why I dislike the arguments for this change. I can understand some theoretical reasons for it, but they are very small voices compared to most in this discussion, almost all the arguments actually expressed are those similar to yours, which is a complete nonissue that is making a big issue by changing things like this. "I don't like my wizard being beefy in completely optional dialogue and roleplay, so let's advocate for completely changing the core stats that characters are built upon and directly affect most if not all aspects of gameplay!"
  3. I disagree. It is quite possible to create bodybuilding wizard in the new system by investing points in both Strength and Resolve. On the other hand in the previous system in was mechanically impossible to create a wizard with good damage output without also making him a bodybuilder because it was a combined stat. Except stuff like "being buff" is pretty much solely reliant on the Skills now, like Athletics. If you dont want to be seen as buff you just dont put points into the buff Skills. The fact that skills exist in Deadfire makes that a non-issue that is still somehow the main argument against Might. Also, the heck are you talking about "it's still possible" to make a bodybuilding wizard? That's two stats you have to invest into make a decent melee mage, which is more you have to spread out your stats (or, even worse, promotes minmaxing, which Might helped avoid)
  4. Oh and I forgot to mention in that comment: I wasnt even thinking about it, but others pointed it out and yeah it strikes me as extra bad timing considering they are trying to implement Multiclassing and this is pretty much shooting that in the foot by forcefully separating a generally-applicable stat into 2 far more niche stats. That's actually a main part of why I liked Might so much: In most D&D based or similar games, Strength is useless if you're a mage, but in Pillars the same stat that made you a strong mage also made you strong overall.
  5. Wow, I honestly didnt expect this thread to get so big so quickly. I'm glad to see so many people agree that the change doesnt fit. On the note of people disagreeing with me tho,I saw many people didnt agree with my comment on Resolve being mandatory, and that's fair. It was a minor complaint that I threw in, as I was impassioned when I was writing that and was failing to take into account how my personal preferences affected my playstyle, and I personally used Resolve a lot as I liked the dialogue interactions with it and it was good for not being interrupted (and I hate having my combat being interrupted no matter what class I play)
  6. Please reverse the Might to Strength change! The fact that it was useful not only for melee people but also spellcasters was extremely interesting and one of the things that set Pillars apart from normal D&D. It also fit the roleplay aspects better as it meant a high Might made you intimidating in dialogue, because you were powerful, it didnt matter if that power was physical or magical. Also this change makes Resolve even MORE mandatory than it already was, and it was already extremely important for most builds and even more so for magic casters before. This puts ad ridiculous amount of focus on Resolve and takes away literally half the use of Might. I've been all for the changes to PoE2 but this one is not good at all´╗┐, all it will do is make Deadfire less of its own thing and even more "just another offbrand D&D game" which is doing it a massive disservice.
  7. I don't think that's a good takeaway from that response. Sure, the big stuff won out by a lot, but a significant amount of people also said they would like small stuff in addition to the big stuff. I believe that is important to note, as small DLCs are far easier to produce, and as such adding them in among the big DLCs on occasion would appeal to even those that didn't directly vote for the "Mixed Bag" option. Yeah I didn't understand why it was laid out like that, it was frustrating but also pointless? If you wanted to have the same results the tried and true method of "Rate each of these from 1 to 10" would have been less frustrating, but in my opinion even then it would be flawed. From the get go it should have been just a bunch of questions that were "Rate this genre from Hate to Love", like most of the questions before it. I didn't understand why it was different from the other questions that were asking similar things (like the one asking about type of DLC preference)
  8. When I first started playing Pillars 1, I knew nothing of the plot, I only knew the gameplay. As such, I ended up rolling a Male Aedyran Wood Elf Wizard...just like I soon found out was the first real companion. Being extremely similar to Aloth (We even had mostly the same spells), I was quite disappointed in how little acknowledgement there was from him. Sure, he had one or two Aedyr interactions, and one or two Elf interactions, but nothing directly commenting on just how similar we were. And honestly, that broke my immersion quite a bit, even kind of ruined the fun of the coincidence ever happening, since it was never acknowledged. Even if it was just non-voiced text dialogue, I would love to see more interactions based on such strong similarities with companions in Deadfire. After all, if you and a companion have that much in common, it's really out of place for it to never be addressed.
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