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  2. I’d love the ice wind dale style game that was discussed in a reddit thread awhile back (a thread that the devs said they were watching very closely). Heavy party building, combat and dungeon crawling focus. Living lands or white that wends could work well for this style of game!
  3. I’d be a little concerned about having enough support to keep streetfighter Mirke alive. She’s going to be very squishy and pairs well with a priest. But you do have two paladins, just be prepared to save some spells for her. Shieldbearer Paladin could be great with their lay on hands that prevents death (allowing Mirke to spend some time very low on health and basking in damage bonuses from her subclass).
  4. I could not get this thing to work for me! Shame because I’d really like to. Anyone have a helpful guide on how to use?
  5. Just doing some guesswork here. White March 2 (last expansion) released in January 2016, then we get Deadfire Kickstarter announced January 2017. Well, forgotten sanctum (last expansion for Deadfire) releases December 2018, presumably the team is hard at work on the next Eora game (whether pillars 3 or something else) already? That would suggest a timeline for announcement end of 2019. Gosh, will be hard to wait for more Eora news. Suppose I can pass the time by beating Deadfire 8 more times, and doing a couple more POE runs with white March as well (incredible expansion).
  6. Other good characters to consider: Adair Fessena Wrecke Constantly Mirky Votnear Or Paladin Gina
  7. Are you saying you are playing POTD with companions? So I’m assuming you will create a single class monk and single class rogue? Would like to help but your post is hard to understand.
  8. I stay on topic and not launch personal attacks. ‘Launch personal attacks’ LOL.
  9. Monk herald monk herald monk herald monk herald monk herald. Every single thread.
  10. One important non-spell advantage - a single class character casts at a higher power level, so even lower level spells pack more of a lunch on a single class.
  11. Maybe take a break from the forums? Go outside, get some fresh air. Go for a jog.
  12. Agreed OP. This could be a great feature for Beraths blessings, given that they are in place as replayability encouragement.
  13. Don’t think you need to be an oracle to know Obsidian is strongly considering turn based for future Eora-style games, especially given Josh’s preference for it, background of tabletop RPGs of devs there, and their recent experiment. Shoot, even if none of that was true, look at Divinity 2’s sales numbers. That game destroyed, and I think virtually everything about Deadfire was better. TB wouldn’t be a problem for me. After playing several hundred hours in both games, I’m finding POTD TB run on Deadfire incredibly fun. Slowing everything down considerably is really highlighting all the intricate systems and design of combat that often gets glossed over and missed even with slow mode turned on in RTWP. Specifically, big hits and crits feel GREAT, I’m noticing each individual debuff my team is applying, and finally each character really gets to shine (as opposed to RTWP, where in my experience I deck out 90% of my teams activities with robust AI scripts and manually control a little spell casting here and there).
  14. Recent posts on here have confirmed one thing for me - I hope the josh sawyer tweets and teasers thread on this forum continues for the rest of my life
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