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  1. one more question - does the unarmed build work with tuotillo's palm or the magran shield? or should i stay with just fists
  2. Bo - thank you for generosity and wisdom!!! Now the only difficulty is deciding between those two awesome builds. A few quick notes: first build reminds me of an unarmed Barb build that you made work for Pillars 1 ! You must enjoy this sort of thing (I love finding ways to make fists work in this game and in others Concelhaut's touch is awesome - im finishing up a run in Forgotten Sanctum right now and Fassina has been conjuring that with a phantom and the two of them have been punching people's faces off. love that trick. wasn't aware of the grimoire swap trick! Figh
  3. Only restrictions - no command line cheAts (still hunting achievements!) lowest level for my party as possible turn based mode only explanation - for my new playthrough id like to use Vatnir as early as possible but that damned zombie dragon stands in my way!! I usually can’t beat her unless I have a geared out lvl 14 or higher Party. So please help me kill her sooner so I can recruit Vatnir! gracias!!! edit: one more note - this doesn’t have to include cheese if just have some solid strategy I can employ to beat her. I know about interrupting Llen
  4. Hey Pillars dudes - I’ve decided on Corpse-eater for my next run for the flavor <rim shot>, and could use some help making this guy powerful! I know this subclass is one of the least powerful, so can you help me juice him up a bit? I’m fine going single class or multiclass, melee range caster whatever. I’ll grab whatever companions I need to round out the rest of the party. Just thought it’d be fun to have an evil/cruel playthrough while gnawing on kith meat!
  5. So I disagree on your assumption why turn-based is more popular. I was RTWP all the way for decades (Baldurs fate, ice wind dale, pillars1), but recently I’ve tried turn based and I can’t go back. I feel like so many little actions can get lost in like 5 vs 10 people battles and turn based let’s me see (and MUCH more easily control) every action in the battle. I love getting to fully control every party member I have with absolutely zero AI.
  6. all - reposting a run idea I had from the Pillars subreddit. I’ll post OPs thoughts and then mine below that. Would love feedback and or ideas. ——————————————— (redditors post) POE2: Recommend me the best settings to have a FUN + EXCEPTIONALLY HARD Potd Run Hi guys, Seeing so many people still playing this game, as well as all the new people joining our community, I have decided to try another run of POE2. I've played this game so much and have beat it on the POTD multiple times. Solo, Various magran's challenges, Trial of Iron. The problem I faced whe
  7. Dude I’m so happy to see mother f***ers still on here discussing #motherfreakingDEADFIRE. I don’t give a crap the game sold poorly, it kicks ass. using maia and her pet right now!
  9. I’d love the ice wind dale style game that was discussed in a reddit thread awhile back (a thread that the devs said they were watching very closely). Heavy party building, combat and dungeon crawling focus. Living lands or white that wends could work well for this style of game!
  10. I’d be a little concerned about having enough support to keep streetfighter Mirke alive. She’s going to be very squishy and pairs well with a priest. But you do have two paladins, just be prepared to save some spells for her. Shieldbearer Paladin could be great with their lay on hands that prevents death (allowing Mirke to spend some time very low on health and basking in damage bonuses from her subclass).
  11. I could not get this thing to work for me! Shame because I’d really like to. Anyone have a helpful guide on how to use?
  12. Just doing some guesswork here. White March 2 (last expansion) released in January 2016, then we get Deadfire Kickstarter announced January 2017. Well, forgotten sanctum (last expansion for Deadfire) releases December 2018, presumably the team is hard at work on the next Eora game (whether pillars 3 or something else) already? That would suggest a timeline for announcement end of 2019. Gosh, will be hard to wait for more Eora news. Suppose I can pass the time by beating Deadfire 8 more times, and doing a couple more POE runs with white March as well (incredible expansion).
  13. Other good characters to consider: Adair Fessena Wrecke Constantly Mirky Votnear Or Paladin Gina
  14. Are you saying you are playing POTD with companions? So I’m assuming you will create a single class monk and single class rogue? Would like to help but your post is hard to understand.
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