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Cheesiest way to kill the messenger?

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Only restrictions - 

no command line cheAts (still hunting achievements!) 

lowest level for my party as possible 

turn based mode only 

explanation - for my new playthrough id like to use Vatnir as early as possible but that damned zombie dragon stands in my way!! I usually can’t beat her unless I have a geared out lvl 14 or higher Party. So please help me kill her sooner so I can recruit Vatnir! 



edit: one more note - this doesn’t have to include cheese if just have some solid strategy I can employ to beat her. I know about interrupting Llengraths safeguard. 

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one suggestion: get one rogue, and then a bunch of scrolls of withdrawal.


start the fight, use gouging strike, then run back and withdraw everyone. fight will deaggro. wait until ner is dead. you'll have to clean up the mobs afterward, but they shouldn't be a problem for a level 10-12 party. (doesn't work for berath's challenge. for TB mode you'd have to make sure you have sufficient duration that everyone can stay withdrawn until everyone is withdrawn and combat can end)


maybe you could do the same thing with a paladin and branding strike (no attack roll even)

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Brand Enemy may be better since Neriscyrlas is vulnerable to burn damage and you can't miss.  But at lower levels and on PotD the PEN might still be too low so it may take forever...?

Since misses in TB mode are less likely than on RTwP Gouging Strike (or True Love's Kiss from stealth - you can also do both at once) may still be perfectly doable. No PEN/AR involved.

Maybe just bring that one additional character (and your MC) so that you don't have to withdraw so many people - or make them invisible otherwise. MC can use Withdrawal (if no rogue) and then maybe bring an Assassin/Paladin with Shadowing Beyond or Smoke Veil, Brand Enemy and Gouging Strike using Lover's Embrace from stealth. Retreat with Escape, cast Brand Enemy and go invisible? That should take less time than one of those alone. Just an idea though.

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